Ionizer 7 v Liquifire 7 (Neck, for cleans)

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by athan25, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Jun 7, 2016
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    Guitar: Jackson JS22-7

    Bridge PU: Dimarzio Crunch Lab

    I'm choosing between buying the dimarzio Ionizer 7 or Liquifire 7 for my entry level, but quite impressive, lightweight Jackson 7 string dinky. My Les Paul is set up with a Seymour Duncan Avenger in the neck for smooth and ripping solos, so for my 7 string I'd like to find a really great clean pickup for the neck. The crunchlab does sound good on clean, but obviously a little thin and twangy (but perfect for my distortion needs). I'm trying to choose between these 2 pickups as to what sound will produce clear, well balanced, but not too bassy cleans. I often fingerpick cleans too which adds a bit of low end/muddiness anyway. If you have any experience or knowledge of these two pickups in neck position I'd greatly appreciate any comments. Many thanks :)
  2. TheWarAgainstTime

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    Definitely the Ionizer. I found the Liquifire 7 to already be a fair bit darker/bassier, so fingerpicking lost some definition. Killer for lead playing, but lackluster for cleans as a result. By comparison, the Ionizer is lower output, brighter, and far better for cleans in general IMO. After all, they were made for a guy who does a lot of clean, slap, and fingerpicking work :2c:
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    I'd also throw the Dactivator neck in there for consideration - noticeably brighter than both pups you describe, higher output and more compressed - to me that's the perfect equation for a great clean sound, especially for finger picking and tapping.

    EDIT: But I agree with the above, speaking just between the two you listed, the Ionizer is much nicer for cleans IMO. Liquifire just sounds/feels like I've turned my tone knob down halfway.

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