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    I was looking into some stuff on extraterrestrial life when the below video popped up by chance, and thinking it would do fine for a Saturday morning cup 'o tea ;)

    Not intended to open a discussion on ET's as it isn't actually too much about such, but rather is about non-verbal communication, psychology, physiology and body language.
    Ben Hansen does a real good job talking about these topics, and I'm thinking in these election times some of you might find it interesting.

    and also, his former interview with Bill Clinton, outlining some of the same, and other, mechanisms:

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    Interesting video. I'd sure like to know what the government knows on the subject of UFOs.
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    More than once on, i've mentioned a book called "Spy the Lie," written by former CIA officers, which deals with recognizing clusters of behavior which indicate deception, and then how to follow up.

    The authors now run a company named QVerity, which consults on detection of deception.

    I also commented in another topic about a fun drinking game based on the QVerity blog, where they have links to interviews where someone is being deceptive, and a list of the visible indicators of decption in those interviews. A few times now, my friends and I have had fun watching interviews and then drinking when we see the deception. Some people are just brutal to drink to, and it's scary that it's so obvious.

    So, I pull up the two original interviews which were subject to Ben Hansen's analyses, both the Obama and Clinton interviews, have a notepad and a pen beside me, along with a napkin and some fresh popcorn, and get ready for some deception marker behavior, and....


    I watch them both again, in case I had missed the deception clusters, the coverings of the mouth and head-shakings to deny what was coming out of one's mouth, the avoidance of actually answering asked questions.

    Zilch. Zero. Nada.

    I thoroughly recommend the book *and* then practicing with the QVerity blog examples, but those two interviews were a bust in terms of practice material.

    It's worth noting that Ben Hansen, while acknowledging that there are UFO hoaxes out there, has also claimed without any sort of proof that there are "disinformation agents" (his term), who create contingency and false flag plans to conceal the government's involvement with UFOs.

    I went into watching the videos with the expectation of seeing the deceptive clusters which I now recognize easily after a year of working this stuff. I was really expecting it.

    My motivation was just to observe deceptive clusters. I had no agenda about proving or disproving a conspiracy theory, or the existence of disinformation agents.

    I'm unlikely to watch the clips with the analyses (especially at 40 and 35 minutes long, compared to less than 3 minutes each for the original clips), but suggest folks do at least check out "Spy the Lie" from the library, then use the QVerity blig for practice and review, and then watch various interviews... and then watch the the raw clips of what was examined in those first two youtube links, and see what you think. Even just reading the first two chapters will give you a grounding in deception clusters, and with minimal practice you'll be able to put that *into* practice to watch the clips. That would be a better investment of time.

    You might even get enough from just watching an hour of the QVerity clips.

    And you'll be learning from folks who make their living from spotting deception, instead of from someone who makes money and gains in prestige through being associated with extraordinary claims. (Which one has more of an motive/incentive to claim there is proof of aliens?)

    Plus... drinking game!

    Happy learning!
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    I saw "non verbal langugage" and hoped that it would be some cool piece on music therapy. I was disappointed.

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