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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Vegetta, Jan 12, 2005.

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    There's no way to win EQ by playing it. The only way to win? Quit, ASAP. lol I'm serious, the mobs drop no usable loot in anywhere you can go for exp. The mobs that do drop nice loot need a f'ing raid force to tke out, then you've got like 20-50 other people trying to get the same thing. Only about 3 classes can solo worth a damn, and the dev team plays favorites with the class balance. I had a 60 ranger, with like 36AA points, who had crap gear because I wasn't in an "UBER" guild, and ended up spending most of my play time in the higher levels "looking for group" because it was impossible to solo for exp and the game isn't geared towards damage classes. EQ is not an RPG, it's a chatroom with hack and slash graphics. :p

    Drew, chances are the Gamecube version of Baldur's Gate II is much shorter and simplier than the PC version. For one thing, they have to get rid of like 90% of the controls so that you can use a control pad for everything, then there's the short attention span of console gamers. If you can't beat a game in 40-60 hrs it's too long for a console.

    Oh, BTW: If you ever play an MMORPG and want to see the high-end game, play a cleric, because everyone needs a healer. ;p
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    baldurs gate :scream2:

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