Ibanez xh300 halberd

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    I went to the local guitar center and tried a few guitars out. When I was younger I tried a few ibanez guitars, and I came to the conclusion that they were not for, the neck shape was flat and they did not weight a lot, I guess that the wizard II neck and basswood body. It appears that Ibanez makes other, much nicer necks and this guitar, the Ibanez Halberd (and the other guitars that are apart of the x-series) stood out

    Sound 6/10:
    It had a nice full sound when played unplugged, and when plugged in, the stock pick ups sounded decent. These had good warm cleans from the neck pick up, and nice distortion tone overall from the bridge. However these pick ups should be changed to what suits you best, imo.

    Features 7/10:
    Neck: 3pc Wizard III Maple bolt-on neck, and rosewood fretboard (I guess, didn't say) Body: Mahogany body, 24 Jumbo frets and the bridge is a Full Tune III bridge (i.e. a tail stop bridge). The electronics are simple, 3-way toggle and volume knob very well placed and there are no inlays (I like this)

    It comes in white and in a flat black. I played the flat black color.

    Feel 10/10:
    The neck felt amazing, reminded me of my Jeff Loomis 7 string but a little thinner and shorter. The quality of the guitar when playing is amazing, very smooth feel, with nice rounded frets and the wizard III has fit-in-your-hand c shape. The frets were easy to access at the higher registar, 24th is no problem. The guitar a little heavy, but thats how I like my guitar to feel. The guitar fits like a glove in either preferred postion for sitting, I prefer the classical style and it felt so nice sitting there. Standing up it doesnt fall, it just stays there. The finish on this guitar makes the neck feel even better and gives you more grip.

    Reliability n/a: I have never owned an ibanez but I will probably buy this guitar as soon as I have some money.

    Price: At the store it was going for $350. It is such a good deal for the quality.

    Overall 9/10: This guitar is amazing quality, the neck feels great and the look is unique, the only draw back is the pick ups. Those can easily be changed. Excellent guitar for the price, better then other ibanez, fenders, deans schecters and jacksons that I tried out, in terms of price for quality. :metal:

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