Ibanez XG307

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Athlaos, Sep 14, 2012.

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    I bought two of these, one for $650 not including shipping and one for $500 including shipping. I bought them to do an experiment; I installed 0.020-0.028-0.036-0.048-0.060-0.082-0.120 guage strings and tuned them to A-standard with a low D.

    In short, I was blown away. The guitar took the heavy strings without any problems, and only minor modifications at the nut and the holes where the strings go through the guitar body. I drilled out the holes in the machine head posts, but this was not required since the strings from the LaBella factory were tapered. Despite the thickness of the strings, it intonates well and is very easy to play.

    The stock pick-ups are of acceptable "metal" quality with a decently voiced range, although I will be replacing them soon with dual SD-8 invaders. The sustain is also appreciably good for a bolt-on.

    Features were only rated a 3 since there simply aren't many; it is a blue-collar metal guitar that gets the job done. The features that exist (e.g. volume knob, 3-way switch) are good.

    Some people talking about this guitar in a forum thread were worried it would have serious neck dive, but not so. The balance is fine.

    Overall, the value is fantastic. If you are looking for a guitar that doesn't have just another plain old 7-string body, can take (very) heavy strings, and has a decent sound, you won't go wrong if you buy this one.
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    Great review!

    Also, awesome string selection!

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