Ibanez S1625-TKS

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    I'll start with the specs first:
    - Mahogany body
    - ZR trem with ZPS2 and D-tuner
    - 3pc Super Wizard Maple/Bubinga neck
    - Bound rosewood fretboard with single S wave inlay at 12th fret
    - 22 Jumbo frets
    - H/H configuration
    - Quantum 1 & 2 Ibanez passive stock pickups w/ 1vol, 1tone and 5way blade
    - Made in Japan in 2004
    - Transparent Black Sunburst finish

    The only cons for me here are the 22 frets, and the D-tuner (purely because I dont use it, but im not docking for it either)

    From a sound perspective, the stock pickups arent bad. They have rich harmonics, handle gain reasonably well, and clean up quite nicely as well. However, given that I have it setup in D Standard for death metal playing, they've since been swapped for a Nailbomb calibrated set which has been a drastic improvement.

    For me, the biggest selling points on this was the playability of the Super Wizard neck, the lightweight (though thats expected with the Saber body shape), and the ZR bridge which has to be my favourite tremolo bridge. The fretwork is immaculate, and only needed a bit of lemon oil to clean it and re-hydrate it.

    Overall, im extremely satisfied with it, and if I could find another, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat. I've played other Prestige S series before, but this is still my favourite to date. My advice to anyone who comes across one is definitely to pick it up. With a simple pickup swap, its quite the formidable player.

    More pics can be found here: http://www.sevenstring.org/forum/standard-guitars/209309-ngd-04-prestige-ibanez-s.html

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