Ibanez RG8427F FE

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    Before I begin...
    Before I begin this review I would like to say that I will be A/Bing this against my RG1527 RB. Also I do not have a good amp setup at the moment (Marshall MG100DFX). Also if anyone requires ANY clarifications then let me know!

    Retail Price: ¥294,000
    Neck: 5pc Maple/Wenge Neck
    Body: Flamed Maple/Mahogany Body
    Fingerboard: Rosewood Fingerboard
    Bridge: Edge Pro 7 Bridge
    Neck pu: DiMarzio® Air Norton 7™(H) neck pu
    Bridge pu: DiMarzio® Tone Zone 7™(H) bridge pu
    Hardware Colour: Cosmo Black
    Includes: Hard Case

    Neck Dimensions:
    Scale: 648mm/25.5"
    Width At Nut: 48mm
    Width At Last Fret: 68mm
    Thickness At 1st Fret: 19mm
    Thickness at 12th Fret: 21mm
    Radius: 430mmR

    This guitar comes loaded with USA Made DiMarzio Pickups. Specifically the Air Norton 7 in the neck and the much derided Tone Zone 7 in the bridge.

    The control knobs are recessed into the flamed maple top which lessens your chances of hitting them with your whammy bar. This is a problem with my RG1527.

    This guitar comes with built in Gotoh EPR-2 Locking Strap buttons that functions also as a normal strap lock just as well as a strap lock found on the Prestige RG1527.

    Also if you like the All Access Neck Joint. then you'll adore this neck. I call it a Super A.A.N.J.. It's even smoother than the standard A.A.N.J.. Also the body is carved near the neck joint for even greater upper fret access.

    Underneath the fretboard is a Titanium reinforcement bar. This is the kind of feature that you wouldn't notice if it was doing it's job correctly.

    But my favourite special feature is the VelveTouch Neck Finish which makes the neck Uber-Smooth. Seriously. This thing plays itself. You can just glide up and down the neck like nobody's business!

    I've never owned a mahogany/maple bodied guitar before but I really like the tone from this one. Very rich and cultured tone with great sustain.

    The AN7 has that bassy boom to it that made me love the 6-String version. It handles both the rhythm and lead equally.

    The TZ7 has got a very good middy/bassy rock tone and handles everything well from rock to metal but it doesn't have as good a tone as the DS7 from my RG1527 (basswood natch) so it will be replaced with that.

    Action, Fit & Finish:
    This guitar came fitted with D'Addario .009 gauge strings (and I liked the feel of them so much that I've replaced the strings on all my guitars with them) with a very low action.

    The pickup and tremolo cavity's are unbelievably clean.

    The electronics are very clean and tidy with Ibanez MIJ 500k ohm pots and a 5-Way selector switch, in the classic Ibanez Bridge->Both single coils->Both->Neck Parallel->Neck set up (also of note is the fact that positions 2 and 4 are secondary to the other three as in you have to consciously push the switch into positions 2 and 4 or it will jump from 1 to 3 to 5 much easier), and all in a heavily shielded cavity and all under a metal cover plate.

    Fretwork is perfect. Smooth, vertical and probably stainless steel.

    I simply can't describe how beautiful the finish is! This guitar looks unbelievable in every way! Completely flawless cosmetically. The colour isn't so much as orange as the photos seem to show. It's more of a rich, powerful golden sunburst.

    But my favourite part of the entire guitar has to be the updated Tree Of Life inlay which actually glows green in the light.

    I would never use this guitar on stage as it is positively precious to me so I'm not going to do a gig test of this guitar any time soon.

    Reliability brings up my one and only issue with this instrument: And it's the Super A.A.N.J.. The neck seems to creak very slightly in an up and down direction if you pull hard on it. My RG1527 doesn't do this. This is probably a by-product of the relocated screw needed to create such a comfortable neck. So if you abuse the crap out of your guitars than maybe this isn't the best choice for you.

    Customer Support:

    Overall Rating:

    Almost perfect in every way. A true Work Of Art!

    If you are considering buying this guitar I only have to say:
    Why do you not own it already?

    If you have any questions or want clarifications then you only have to ask!

    If anyone wants to see pictures of my exact guitar then here is the Ebay listing with extensive pictures.
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Beautiful guitar! :yesway: Congratulations. Please post additional pictures in the form of a picstory before I am forced to punchisize your face... :mad:
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    Nice choice. Those guitars are great.
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    That is an amazing guitar! Congratulations

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    Werd. My 8427bx is a great guitar.

    These feel very very nice.

    If i had to re-buy I'd go custom, but besides that they are amazing

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