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    Alrighty, my first review. I had difficulty finding any reviews when I got this bad boy, so I figured this may benefit someone, somewhere.

    I paid around $850 CAD for this guy brand new after tax, etc. No case or anything, unfortunately.

    Aesthetics: Looks-wise, it's a stripped down metal machine. Gloss black finish on headstock and body, cosmo black hardware, natural unfinished neck. Nice and simple if you're into that - I'm not, but I'd rather start with simple and turn it into sexy than anything else. Planning on sticking a veneer on this guy, or just repainting it, and putting on some new knobs. The back of the headstock is covered in clear-coat, which unfortunately does leave a line between where it starts and the aux naturel. That kind of threw me for a loop, it looked like a crack - nope, just the edge of the clear coat. It's next to unnoticeable until you really inspect the headstock.

    It looks like a guitar you wouldn't mind beating up, and feels like a guitar that could stand up to a beating. Definitely not designed to be a showroom piece or wall guitar.

    Hardware: Lemme get this out of the way. GodDAMN is the Edge-Zero II-7 trem a BEAST. It's got the fancy zero-point system (ZPS3Fe) on it, and it does not go out of tune. At least not from use. And even with the shite insulation in my freezer of a room, it only goes flat a couple cents (if at all) when I leave it out overnight. My LTD does not compare, I'm tuning the G on that more than I'm fretting it. Yes, it's a bit of a pain to work with - although much easier than the old Edge on my brother's older RG350 - but once you have it set up (a process that only took my about 3 hours, including oiling the fretboard - and that's me being slow and nooby) you're set.

    However, one minor glitch - the knobs are crap. They just don't feel good. Fortunately it's like a $20 fix (I want to get some fancy ones, sue me) so it's not a big deal - but they have a noticeable edge at the top of the knurling. No likey, but not a points-reducer by any means.

    Overall, the hardware (I'll get to electronics seperately) is classy and sleek, and does its job well.

    Electronics and Sound: This is Ibanez's notorious weak spot - the pickups. And yet, they don't sound bad by any means. Just not amazing. Eric Johnson (or someone with his type of ears) would hate them, but average Joe (or average Steve I suppose) is more than happy. They make sounds that I like. The low B is a bit muddy, but nothing awful. Just... not exceptional. This is one of the two main differences between the 827 and the RG927Z - the latter comes equipped with DiMarzio pickups (DiMarzio IBZs) which, while I've heard they sound good, still seem to get swapped out for D-Activators or whatever your 7-string pup of choice is fairly quickly.

    Overall, not bad. Not great, definitely sounds alright, but they're on the "replace" list. Definitely NOT a deal-breaker.

    Feel: Standard Ibanez 7-string specs. The 827 does have a rounder radius than the RG927 (400mm vs 420mm is what I've heard, but I may be wrong) but I don't notice that much at all. It's a nice, heavy guitar - not "hurt your shoulder" heavy, but it feels substantial. The neck is super thin and FAST, like holy crap. I've got the action down to 2.5mm on the bass side and 1.5 on the treble with no excessive buzz - there is some acoustically, but you can't hear it through amplification. All I gotta say is while it may not look like an $800 guitar at first glance, it sure as hell feels like one. Yeah, it's a bolt on, but the joint is carved in enough that you don't feel it.

    Overall: This guitar's a buy. It plays much better than it costs. If you're looking for a solid, simple 7-string with a trem for under $800, this is the one.

    For the price, I give it a solid 5/5 - assuming you like what it's got to offer.

    And, for completion's sake, here's the specs:

    Rosewood Fretboard (Wizard II 5 piece maple/rosewood/maple/rosewood/maple, 24 jumbo frets)
    Basswood body, gloss black
    Offset dots
    Edge-Zero II-7 w/ZPS3Fe
    1x Volume, 1x Tone
    5 way selector
    Cosmo Black Hardware
    CAP-VM17 Neck/CAP-VM27 Bridge
    48mm @ nut, 68mm @ last fret
    19mm thick @ 1st, 21mm @ 12
    400mm radius
    25.5" scale
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    I agree with almost the entire review. These guitars are well made, and obviously meant to be players. Not a wall ornament. Its well made, and ready to go out and play some shows. Glad you like yours, man!! I love mine!

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