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    Ibanez RG 550 RG550 Prestige 1993 DiMarzio Illuminator Fujigen 570 770 | eBay

    Up for sale is an excellent condition 9/10 1993 Ibanez rg550. This is the best year I think esp for the necks. This one has a ding on the headstock and small chip on the body with 2 small lil scratches on the back of the body and the neck is barely worn. Add the wonderful edge and cosmo hardware In great condition and you have a beautiful guitar with tons of life left. I have had petrucci dimarzio illuminators put in bridge and neck with an area single coil wired correctly so you get the full quack in 2 and 4th position. This guitar is nice!!! It does not have the bar or back plate as they are available on here or Ibanez rulez.. I didn't care cuz this baby was nice. It comes with a nice gig bag as it came to me in it. I have rarely played this guitar as Im a collector more than player so it needs a good home as I have some bills to pay.. I have given very good description and the wrenches will come as well. Payment due immediately please look at the lil dings before offering as they are ni big deal. This guitar has no finish cracks or cracks around the nut either:)
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