Ibanez RG2228GK

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    Ibanez RG2228GK (now with EMG808X's)

    (From Ibanez website)
    Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Wenge
    Neck Type: Wizard-8 Prestige (27")
    Body: Basswood body
    Frets: Jumbo frets
    Fingerboard: Rosewood
    Inlay: Pearl dot inlay
    Bridge: Fixed Edge III-8 bridge
    NeckPU: EMG® 808
    BridgePU: EMG® 808
    HW Color: BK
    Finishes: GK

    The guitar comes with a faux alligator hardshell case. As far as guitar cases go, this is the coolest one I have seen from Ibanez. It's also gigantic!


    I gave the sound rating a 5 because once you get it setup the way you want with the right strings, etc, etc...it sounds as good as any solid body guitar out there (plugged in). But its a fickle instrument and it takes awhile to "get it right." I am currently using an Ernie Ball Slinky 8 String pack and I'm surprised to say they sound better than anything else I've tried so far.

    I changed the pickups to EMG 808x's and the immediate difference is subtle. My honest thought was "where did all the sound go?" But after 15 minutes of playing it was clear these pickups have more clarity and note definition than the 808's. They are also hotter. This may be controversial because many people have claimed otherwise. All I know is after I installed the 808x's, my recordings started to clip at the setting I had been using the 808's on. Nothing else changed, just the pickups. Take that for what you will.

    I play through a Mesa Boogie Roadster 2x12 Combo and I feel the amp enchances the guitar. Every note down to a low F# is clear and defined. On good days you can even pull off power chords on the 8th string at the 1st position. No muddiness!

    Action, Fit, Finish
    Action: I got it setup correctly, so it has comfortable action.
    Fit: It's an RG so if you are comfortable with RG body style, you'll be comfortable with this.
    Finish: Galaxy Black is a much better looking finish in person than in the photos.


    Once you get any set up issues resolved, the simplicity of the guitar automatically makes it extremely reliable. It is my only electric guitar at the moment. It's only a problem when you run out of strings.

    Overall Rating

    Fantastic Instrument! Its the best playing electric guitar I've owned even with the wider neck, in fact, I think that helps! The best way to describe this guitar is "everything about it is simple, but at the highest quality possible."

    The RG2228GK is an unusually good guitar. I'm comparing it other high end Ibanez' like UV's, J-Customs, Prestige Models, etc. This guitar is of higher quality than all of them; especially the neck. You have to play it to understand but I'm definitely not the only person to notice this.

    Would I buy this guitar again? If I did not get a custom built instrument then yes, I would buy another RG2228GK. Even with the new $2100 price tag, I still think this one of (if not) the best production 8 string guitars available.
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    I agree to what you're saying about the quality and especially the neck. You touch it and it just feels right immediately. Its profile and finish make it so comfortable.

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