Ibanez rebuild. What’s your favorite neck??

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    So I’m in the process of completely redoing and modifying a 2002 Ibanez RG470 that I got off my buddy for helping him move. It was all beat up so I decided to make it a project guitar. I stripped everything out of it and sanded it down, filled in where it had chips, and I sanded down more to make it more how I want it to look. It has a RG550R neck on it but I’m debating on swapping it out Woth something better. Sooo what’s your favorite Ibanez neck?? Gimme some ideas. Also not a fan of the reverse headstock so something other than that. I’ll post pics here soon. Thanks!
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    You’re really not going to find something that different unless you plan on buying something really rare, and expensive, and pulling the neck.

    Pretty much all 6-string, 24 fret bolt-on necks from Ibanez of that period were based on the RG550 neck. Some had different inlays or fretboard materials, but the actual neck was the same.

    You can find some MIJ Wizard II necks every now and then, but it’s a pain to verify that’s what they are. Some Viper and Ultra necks will work, but they’re darn rare on their own.
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