Ibanez Premium RG927(American Version)

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    I know there's a review of the RG 827 but I know it is slightly different than the 927, the radius of the neck and the pickups I believe being the two biggest. I'll try to keep my personal opinions out of this but I love this guitar. This is my first review, so any tips on being better, feel free to tell me!

    Features-Basswood body, Maple/Walnut neck with Titanium rods, Rosewood board. 25.5 Inch scale, Edge Zero II bridge with Zero Point System, IBZ-DMZ pickups, Wizard Premium 7 neck.

    The body of this guitar is so light, mine weighing exactly 8 lbs. That said, its one of the most resonant guitars I've ever played. My other 7 is a neck through big ass piece of mahogany, and this guitar has more sustain, even though its a bolt on basswood body. The neck was my biggest worry, being that I have never liked the wizard neck profile. But the Wizard Premium is slightly thicker, and slightly different in profile than the 7x2x series of guitars Ibanez makes. Dare I say, this neck is the smoothest, fastest neck I have ever played. It really allows you to play better. In addition to that, Ibanez wisely put a satin finish on the back of the neck, even though the headstock and body are a high gloss urethene finish. I love this neck. The neck is wide as hell, and it makes it so easy to play. It has a fairly flat profile as well, 17 inches I believe. The bridge I have to say is as good as any Floyd Rose I've played. and the Zero Point System works exactly as described. I can do double stops easily and in tune, I can even tune the guitar to Drop A without unlocking and retuning the entire guitar! For a life long floyd user, this. is. godly:bowdown:

    To go back to the neck, the team at the Ibanez Premium factory really sets its instruments apart with its fretwork. The ends of the frets are rounded, which sounds like a minor detail but makes the neck so much more comfortable. My only issue is the high E string being pulled off the neck at times, but I think thats more due to sloppy playing by me, and having .009 gauge strings on it instead of my normal .011s.

    Sound-Here's where the instrument loses points. The stock pickups, in my opinion, are terrible. Replace them with whatever you want, and this guitar will sing. Acoustically this guitar is loud and full sounding, odd for an electric guitar with a floating trem in my opinion. But to me this only makes me believe that the stock pickups really strangle this guitar. I'm currently waiting on my next paycheck to order my new pups, and I'll confirm my hypothesis later on.

    The electronics are great though. Standard 5 way, Vol/Tone knobs, but since my other 7 has emgs, the 5 way is amazing to me. It allows for the neck to be in parallel or series, and position 4 allows to split both pickups and have them play together. So many tone options.

    Action, Fit and Finish- The gloss black mirrored finish is immaculate. The neck is smooth, the frets are perfect. The action is low, lower than I normally play in fact, yet no buzzing. You can actually change the tension on the strings without moving the backplate as well, so if you like 9's but also want them to have a little more pull, you can easily do so.

    Reliability-I believe that any guitar can be reliable with normal upkeep. The only thing I think would ever be an issue with this guitar is the bridge, but only if its not set up properly, and only if the strings aren't properly streched first. Other than that, I can't see this instrument ever giving out. The titanium neck rods also keep this guitar's neck from bending and warping even with such a thin profile.

    Customer Support-I have yet to contact Ibanez about this guitar, but being my 5th Ibanez, I can say any other time I've had to deal with Ibanez, they've been nothing but helpful.

    Overall Rating- No guitar is ever perfect, but out of 5 I would give this guitar a 4.75, so I rounded up to 5. I actually plan on selling my Agile at some point to fund atleast a second one of these, and if my tax return is as nice as I hope, I'll end up going full Ibanez Prestige next. But even with a Prestige, this guitar is going to be my #1 in my live rig for a long, long time

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