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    Price paid:
    $1,000< used

    8 string, one Lundgren M8P pickup, one vol one tone, rosewood board, 5 piece maple walnut neck, KTS titanium rods for stability, Edge FX III 8 bridge, locking Floyd Rose type nut, 24 jumbo frets with a 15.75" radius, 2.165" nut width and a 29.4" scale on an ash body.

    Due to the scale, this thing sounds thunderous. The lows are snappy but deep with no flub whatsoever and the entire guitar seems very balanced across all the strings. The Lundgren is perfect for the job of having monstrous lows that go on forever and accomplishing very clean highs and balanced mids in between...there's nothing that suffers here...it's just a very even guitar sound wise. Hit a gained out chord and the whole thing will go on forever....I've had to stop riffs because they won't cut themselves off....just goes on and on with the whole guitar vibrating like crazy.

    Feel, fit and finish:
    It's an Ibanez Premium model....would it have benefited from being run as a Prestige model? Yes. Is it a huge issue? No....but don't expect the Prestige level of quality from a Premium guitar. I'm glad I bought it used and saved a ton of $. That being said, the Premium line is kind of famous for having some issues. None of them were present here save a couple sharp fret ends, but if I'd paid top dollar and then had to take it in to a luthier for corrections out of pocket I'd have been irked. Try before you buy for sure....when it's right they're great but when it's wrong, you know. Frets are good mostly, neck is good...satin finish, so it's fast as hell. The older I get, the less I like painted necks and that was part of this buy...action after setup is perfect...nice and tight and feels very solid. I'd gig this guitar no problem and probably will once I'm a little more settled with it.

    I was a little worried about the scale as it's by far the longest I've played on a guitar, but the bridge being so far back into the body of the guitar and the leg cutout being moved forward a bit helps with it. Most of the time it's not a problem; the only time I can really tell are open position chords and that's taking some getting used to. Also, because of the width of the neck and the fact that I don't have giant hands, I'm wearing this guitar higher than I would either my LPs or 7s, so keep it in mind if you're an average sized dood and thinking about slinging this on a stage...there is no having this down below your hips. That is a recipe for immediate wrist pain, believe me.

    Service & Reliability:
    No issues and no reliability problems...I bought it used so there's no warranty. Ibanez is usually good about this kind of stuff though. This guitar is a lower end offering of the M8M, which was designed to wear like Meshuggah's guitars do, meaning this is an ash body with a couple coats of black paint on it and no clear. It'll hold up for a while, but it's supposed to dent and ding and wear through like theirs do, and it's pretty soft....I've nicked and dented mine by dropping an acrylic pick on it, :lol: so I don't expect that this would get through many gigs without taking and showing some abuse...some guys I know that have them are reporting medium wear after 6 months of moderate to heavy use (paint wearing thru, bridge discoloration, rings around the volume and tone pots, etc...).

    Ease of use:
    It's one pickup and one volume and one tone...doesn't get much easier than that. Gained out amp and both all the way up and it roars...surprisingly enough, the tone knob changes the sound by quite a lot....it's not exactly neck pickup territory, but it's pretty close. Cleans are doable even if not this guitar's strong suit. I was pretty surprised, actually...it's not a hugely rich clean tone, but it's even and goes well with delays and reverbs. Fine tuners on the Edge FX III make it easy to lock in a certain tuning or change whatever you want to....it's a hardtail so tuning changes are not a huge deal. Locking nuts seem solid but they've never been my favorite so I'll probably change the tuners out for some locking Hipshots and throw the locks in the case.

    Getting a string set you're gonna dig might take some work.....currently I have it strung up with a 10-52 set + a 64 and an 80....the tension is right there for the top 7 but the low F might have to go a tiny bit higher, maybe to an 85 or something. I tried a few different string sets and that's what worked best for me.

    Solid guitar...you want a really good 8 for short $ used, grab this. Nothing else out there touches it really, due to the scale and the Lundgren combined with the ash.


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