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    These guitars were made from 89- late 90's(not sure when they were discontinued) Mine is a 1990 model, anyway... On with the review of my freebie from my uncle. :hbang:

    Edit: No pic for this guitar as the pics I have for this are all well over 200kb and you can only upload a 100kb pic. :noway:

    Features I gave this guitar a four on features because for a free guitar, I can't complain about the features, but for your average lower priced shred axe, the features are typical.

    Basswood body, Maple Neck/Rosewood fingerboard, licensed floyd rose bridge...
    The Floyd Rose on this one seems to be an aftermarket one, made by Ping, pretty solid!

    Sound The pickups are typical of what you'd expect of 90's era korean ibanez stock pickups. I wasn't too fond of them but they weren't bad, the bridge pickup was your typical double slug pole generi-bucker, ceramic magnet, a tad muddy for my tastes.
    I almost immediately swapped this out for a dimarzio Tone Zone and put a couple fender single coils in the middle and neck positions so now it's an absolutely killer guitar, tonally.

    Action, Fit & Finish This guitar seems very nicely built, quite superior to most of the later korean made ibby's. The neck is a very nice D shape, not near as thin as the wizard II, I wish this neck were on more ibby's.
    The floyd rose is an after market ping one installed by my uncle as apparently the knife edges and posts were extremely worn from years of shoddy set-ups(adjusting bridge height under string tension) by the prior owner(he acquired this guitar in 2001).
    The ping floyd is great, but the arm is a bit loose, nothing that can't be fixed easily... If I can find an HH or HSH one for cheap, I might pick up another one and mod it to hell. :yesway:

    Reliability Can't speak much on reliability, I've only had this guitar for a couple months now.

    Customer Support Customer Service is decent I dropped an E-mail with inquiries about the year this guitar was made, and what the stock specs were, they took a couple weeks to reply but they could be pretty busy in the Customer Service dept. and they probably weren't the best people to contact for that kind of question, and in hindsight, I probably should have just used the internet...

    Overall Rating I gave it a 4 because for a free guitar with parts I already had for upgrades it kicks some serious ass and is a smooth playing geet. I spent absolutely nothing on it and couldn't be happier.
    If you find a really good deal on one of these, i'd pick it up to mod it as they are great for what they are.

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