I checked out some gear the other day!

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    Hi Guys!

    So the other day a buddy and I were at the PPC shop in Hannover, Germany.
    My main goal was to check out some Tele style guitars before buying one. But we ended up playing some really cool gear and I thought I share my 2 cents with you.

    I hope you find this interesting :)

    First thing: low end guitars

    I was looking for a low end Tele to mod and use as a live guitar that I don't care too much about when beating it up.
    First up was the ESP LTD TE-212 in black.

    That thing, sadly, sucked. I loved the look. Black body, black hardware, black dots on a maple neck/fingerboard. This things screamed metal. But it played horrible. The neck was uncomfortable and the fret job was lacking the attention to detail. It was a guitar straight from the factory but it looked as it was on display for a year or so.
    That was a bummer as it was a guitar I was interested in.

    second up: Fender Squier Tele.
    A classic vibe i guess. I am not too sure about the model. Again, not as good as i was hoping it to be. It looked cool, played ok and the sound was not too bad. It was super light what i really liked. But I didn't play it for too long.

    next up: Mexican Fender Tele
    This thing was a beast! I knew that the Mexican line of Fender guitars had great instruments for a good price but them being so good? I instantly fell in love. The feel, the weight, the sound, the tuning stability. Everything I wanted from a Tele. So I quickly changed my mind. I don't want to deal with upgrading a cheap guitar when I can get this for the same amount (the LTD with upgrades would have been 600€ easily as well).
    I am definitely buying the Fender Tele.

    Now they had a guitar in store that I was interested in for a while.
    Jackson USA Select B7

    This thing goes for 2,5k. That must be an awesome guitar right? right?
    Nope. At least to me, it felt lifeless. It was a well made guitar and I couldn't find any flaws with it and it played ok. But this thing was so lifeless. No mojo whatsoever. I played for a good 10 minutes and put it away. Sadly this guitar was just not ringing with me. I was extremely underwhelmed. The Schecter KM-7 felt way nicer and sounded better for half of the price. Sorry Jackson.

    We talked to the guitar guy at the store and he said we should try this Gibson he had on the wall for a while. A 4,5k Gibson LP. Sunburst Vintage style. I don't know what model exactly. Not my deal. Again this was a super well made guitar but i am not into it. It was super heavy and felt kinda rough due to the super fat and wide neck. The gloss finish didn't help that.
    The sound on the other hand was great. And it was easily able to do anything from super clean to high gain death metal/core stuff.

    The last guitar of the day... I wish a hadn't played it because now I can't stop thinking about it. For 4,5k this guitar is so out of my range for at least the next 5 years. But damn. This is the single best guitar I have ever played in my life. PRS Custom 22 10-Top.
    Everything about this guitar is perfect. Man. That sound. I couldn't stop smiling. Immediately I felt so inspired and I could have written a couple songs on the spot with this thing. Sparkly cleans on the bridge and the smoothest cleans on the neck PU that I ever heard. On a high-Gain channel I was even more surprised. So much chord definition yet so much aggression.
    The wrap around bridge is the most comfy bridge I ever played. It was perfectly intonated and tuned. The 10-Top flamed maple top with a whale blue finish looked out of the world in person.
    The only downside to this guitar I thought was the gloss neck finish. Again - nope. Still one of the best necks I ever played. I wish I could have just taken this guitar home.
    I will get the PRS at one point in my life. This is on of the few guitars where I think the 4k and above price tag is justified.

    Amp-wise I check all guitar on 2 Amps.
    The first one was the Marshall JVM410H.
    I was always a fan of Marshall amps and this thing is so cool. Every channel sounds great. The quality of the sound as well as the hardware itself was awesome. One of my new fav amps for sure.
    But I knew that this thing wouldn't let me down.

    The second amp was the one that surprised me.
    Usually I am not a fan of Engl amps whatsoever. But this? I never played it before and wasn't really aware of it's existence to be honest.
    But the ENGL Retro Tube 50 E762 was just fvcking brilliant.
    It looks so classy and sounds really great. The price point of this is what sold it to me. I expected it to be 2,5k or something. Nope. 1300€ which is a great price for an amp with this quality!
    So good!

    That's it for now. thanks for reading and I hope you found it interesting.
    What are your opinions on the equipment that I tried out that day?
    Anything you wanna get? Maybe other experiences with it?
    Any specific questions about the gear? I would love to answer it the best I can.

    Let me know!


    PS: Links to the gear that I liked if you wanna check out the specs and all that.
    Mexican Fender Tele: Fender Standard Telecaster MN BSB - Thomann UK
    PRS Custom 22: https://www.ppcmusic.de/gitarre-bass/e-gitarre/prs-custom-22-10-top-hybrid-hardware-whale-blue.html
    Marshall JVM410H: Marshall JVM410H - Thomann UK
    Engl RetroTube: Engl Retro Tube Head 50 E 762 - Thomann UK
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    Sounds like a great day at the shop!
    Love the Tele, next on my wish list..

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