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    Sep 10, 2017
    London, Ontario, Canada

    My name is WintermintP, and I am the lead/rhythm guitarist of fictional band One Minute Winter. In the recordings I also go as far as playing the bass and programming the drums and the synths.

    I have been starting music production since 2010/2011, but I ended up back to square one in 2015.

    In case you have been wondering about the P after the "Wintermint," yes, I am a Vocaloid user (please don't judge). Because I'm not mainly a singer I have been looking everywhere for a singer to work with regularly, but I never found one in my area. This is why I ended up turning to Vocaloids.

    One Minute Winter is a large rock band that consists of a minimum of 6 characters (more characters are under development). One Minute Winter material fits the genres of electronic rock, power metal, melodic metalcore, melodic death metal, nu metal, and several others.

    Unlike most other "Vocaloid producers" (basically Vocaloid content creators), I am primarily a guitarist and I actually do use real guitars in my content. This is my equipment list:


    ***ESP LTD Snakebyte SW***
    This guitar is my tricked out main as of now. I was planning on ordering a Custom Shop model for a while but several unexpected problems came up and I ended up having to spend my money on fixing those instead.

    Unlike most other Snakebyte models, I swapped out the James Hetfield signature pickups with a pair of EMG 85s, then the EMG 89s. I just heard that most people would prefer to use the 89 in the neck because the single coil mode makes it more appealing as the neck pickup, but what got me really hooked was the humbucker tone of the 89s. I do have an 89 in the neck, but I also have a second 89 in the bridge position of the same pickup. As a matter of fact, I do see the 89 as a much better pickup than the 85 (apparently the drastic tonal differences between the 85 and the 89 is something only I can hear?), especially in the bridge position.

    ***Jackson JS32-7***
    This guitar is my new 7-string guitar. Normally I would buy a higher-end model than this entry-level guitar, but I actually found this thing to be a hidden gem within the entry level price range. I don't like it as much as the Snakebyte, but it's a really good guitar for the leads. I bought this mainly so that I can start embarking on the Drop G journey, but I'm considering a Ben Savage model now.


    ***Epiphone Toby Deluxe V***
    I ended up selling the Ibanez bass for this thing because that four-string bass could only do so much, and I needed a 5-string bass so I can have a bass that's ideal for more than one tuning. What I like about this bass is that I can have it tuned to Drop A and still play songs in Standard tuning.

    However, I'm thinking about getting a second bass just for the Drop G tuning. There is a Gabe Crisp signature bass available on Long & McQuade's website, so if I have enough dough to spare, maybe I'll buy that along with Gabe Crisp's actual string gauges.

    +++Amps & Cabs+++

    All of the amps and cabs I actually use are software. I didn't get a live gig going yet, but if I do get to that point I will just have to borrow a rig from someone.

    Mercuriall TSC (boost pedal for leads)
    Mercuriall Greed Smasher (boost pedal for rhythms)
    3 Sigma Audio IRs (cabinets; yes, they do have bass cab IRs)
    Kazrog Thermionik 5 modules (usual amp choice 1; yes, they do have a bass amp)
    Positive Grid BIAS Amp (usual amp choice 2)
    Ignite Amps Anvil (often chosen for leads)
    Ignite Amps Emissary (occasional amp choice)

    What also deserves special mention is the reverb unit that came with the new PreSonus AudioBox that I just got. Since then that thing has become my main.


    Because I needed to try Cleartone strings so bad I ended up having to order some at Amazon. How it holds up still has yet to be seen.

    Until that point I have been using D'Addario strings, not because I like D'Addario, but that's virtually the only brand available in my area.

    Cleartone 11-56
    D'Addario NYXL1156
    D'Addario EXL170-5 (for now)
    (I have yet to buy a 7-string set)


    Dunlop Nylon 1mm picks


    I still use my old Digiflex cables. I don't buy cables anymore because Digiflex is no longer available in my area.

    +++Other Equipment+++

    ***Wacom Intuos Pro M***
    Yes, I do draw. I drew that avatar as well.

    ***ASUS ROG G750JW***
    Main computer for the One Minute Winter material.

    ***15" Macbook Pro***
    I use this mainly for college assignments (I am in a music industry programme).

    ***Steelseries Apex***
    I don't game, but I really do type fast, so a gaming keyboard was completely warranted.

    ***Steelseries Rival***
    I end up doing a lot of rapid clicking, so even though I don't game I really needed a gaming mouse. This is just like the Apex.

    ***Focusrite Scarlett 2i2***
    A completely busted interface that I don't use anymore but I still get free plugins from.

    ***Presonus Audiobox USB Black Edition***
    Found this rare gem at Long & McQuade. I bought this interface only because the 2i2 is now busted.

    ***Sennheiser HD 280 Pro***
    I really kept looking and looking for the top headband replacement only to find nothing. If you find a Canadian site that sells them new, please let me know.

    ***Behringer DI20***
    I actually use a DI box for my bass and guitar recordings. I actually have to because both my bass and my main guitar have active pickups and there's an attenuator in that thing.

    ***EZDrummer with Made of Metal and Metal Machine expansions***
    With just a little bit of tweaking you will be able to get some really punchy sounds out of this thing.

    ***Massive and FM8***
    Main synths. Yes, I do use synthesizers in my songs.

    ***Vocaloid Avanna and VY1V4***
    Again, like I said, I'm a Vocaloid user. For those of you who don't know, a Vocaloid is basically a piece of software that actually does all of the vocal work for you, but it's a real pain in the neck to actually make it sing really well for you unless you really know what you're doing.

    ***Pioneer DDJ-SR***
    For all my scratch needs

    ***Ibanez TS9***
    I'll either get back to using this at some point, or I'll trade for a Precision Drive.

    ***JST Gain Reduction***
    Great all-rounder plugin for vocals.

  2. Tom Sklenar

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    Jul 27, 2017
    Hello, welcome to the forum! Whoa, what a wanderful equipment!
  3. WintermintP

    WintermintP Lead/Rhythm Guitar, One Minute Winter

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    Sep 10, 2017
    London, Ontario, Canada
    Oh, I forgot to mention. I did end up buying a D'Addario EXL set of 10-52 with a matching 70 for my 7-string guitar. It's possible I might get a Fishman set in the guitar as well.
  4. AxeHappy

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    Mar 25, 2010
    I know the Academy of Music in London stock Ernie Ball, Elixir and DR as well as D'Addario if you're looking for other string brands to try.

    Or at least they did when I taught there some bit ago.
  5. WintermintP

    WintermintP Lead/Rhythm Guitar, One Minute Winter

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    Sep 10, 2017
    London, Ontario, Canada
    Yea, actually, I already tried those guys, and the funny thing is, they don't sell any strings that are not the usual gauges. That means they don't carry an 11-56 set, they don't carry Cleartone, and they don't carry any really unusual string gauges like the 70 that I have on my bottom.


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