Help with a new set of monitors (near field/mid field)

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by oniduder, Aug 4, 2017.

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    so i've looked at quite a bit of studio monitors and i've come up with a list below, my price range would have to be less than 800 for a pair, which i know limits me quite a bit, even in the used market

    i have been considering the m audio 38 (3 way monitors) used maybe 400 or so

    the KRK RP103G3 ROKIT another 3 way monitor

    the focal alpha 80, supposedly awesome sauce or whatever

    the older m audio studiophile dsm3s

    even the yamaha HS8

    i've considered the behringer truth 2031a which is really mixed in reviews

    dynaudio lyd8 or lyd7 a bit out of range price wise but maybe totally worth it, who knows

    and if i go that high then why not the dynaudio lyd 48

    the mackie HR824mk2 (honestly may price me out i'm not sure??)

    JBL LSR308's

    or an older JBL the LSR 28P, which can get down to below a grand for a pair, which is awesome

    i'm not a fan or the adam, i know there are tons of other options just wondering what if anything anyone recommends or uses,

    i guess event audio would be a good option, i'm hesitant on genelecs, but idk

    help me out?

    if not i'll make some stupid rash decision and buy something anyways

    because that's what i do best

    right now i'm using JBL 4411's with alesis ra 500 amps, and reason i'm in need of another set is because my old m audio ex 66's apparently are messed up

    ciao honkeys

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