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    I'm looking for a hard rock, metal, rock, country band. Mainly looking for a established or touring band. Would be willing to relocate/make the drive for the right situation. Currently live in Fort Worth, TX.

    I'm 23, been playing for around 14 years. I have touring, studio, and music business experience. I'm a vocalist so I have the ability for BGV's, harmonies, and lead. Also have all tour ready gear, including for fly dates. I have a home studio which can be used for demos or actual recording. My influences are all over the place music wise from Periphery, Breaking Benjamin, to John Mayer and Snarky Puppy, but my guitar influence would be Mark Tremonti and Emil Werstler. I listen to a lot of heavy rock, that's my bread and butter to play and write.

    I'm not what you call a shredder lead player, but I hold my own and try to tell a story with what I play. As for stage presence I'm normally the guy whose all over the stage as much as possible, its the normally the first thing people tell me after a show.

    I'm currently the lead guitarist for a semi touring band called "Page 9". Their a pop/alternative rock band. Before that I was in heavy rock band called "Theory of Resistance" as the lead singer and guitarist. This ad is mainly a feeler. I'm not going to bad mouth them, but they've been around for 10 years, and I'm not 100% on if my future is with them.

    You can visit my website for additional info including gear and credits:

    Talk to ya soon,

    Micah Labrosse


    Page 9:

    Theory Of Resistance:


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