Gravity Picks Classic Mini 1.15mm

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    So, I got my Gravity Picks Classic Mini (1.15mm) in the mail on Friday. I wanted to get a few days of A/B-ing it with my current Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Jazz (1.13mm) before immediately posting a review. Now that I have had some time with it, I believe I can post an accurate assessment.

    First off, the look and attention to detail is second to none. It is the nicest looking pick I've ever used. I normally play opaque black picks, so I'm not used to a transparent red pick, but man is it classy looking. The logo is laser etched instead of printed on, ensuring the logo won't fade. The Classic Mini has slightly broader shoulders and less of a rounded top than my usual Tortex, but I liked the way it fit into my grip. It felt very sturdy. The edges were also slightly beveled, so I could execute scrapes much better than the squared off edges of the Dunlops. The point was almost identical to the Jazz, so I didn't have to adjust my technique and approach.

    Sound wise, the Classic Mini has a very sharp attack. I think the closest comparison would be the sound attained from an Ultex pick; very crisp and evident. As stated before, pick scrapes were much clearer and easier to do when using it. Sweeps seemed to be smoother (although user technique may be an attributing factor). The only downside I found was the acrylic had a tendency to become slippery when playing for an extended amount of time. I'm not used to that, but I think even that can be remedied with a little "southern engineering." Another nit pick I have is that on the site, the Classic Mini is only available in red or clear acrylic. I would love to see it in that sweet neon green color. :hbang:

    The price is definitely steep ($4.99 per pick), but unless you just HAVE to have a new pick every time you play, a few of them lying around would be nice to have. The acrylic material seems to hold up extremely well to rigorous playing. The tip hasn't dulled or skewed at all, unlike the Tortex. So I suppose "value" could be used interchangeably. Sure, you can get 6-12 normal picks for the price of 1 Gravity Pick, but this pick will also outlast (assuming you don't throw out your picks constantly) that same 6-12 picks.

    All in all, the Gravity Pick exceeded my expectations. I liked the look, sound, and feel of the pick much better than what i currently use. It's clear that care and precision is taken when crafting them. I think Chris is crafting an excellent product. I look forward to investing more time into this pick and ultimately more money into the company. Everyone should give Gravity Picks a try. They come in a variety of shapes, thicknesses, and colors to suit most any player's individual taste and preference.

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