Gilad Hekselman - Amazing Jazz Guitarist

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    Hey guys,

    So I checked to see if anyone had mentioned him on this forum and was surprised not to see even a single search result containing his name. I think it may be because he's very young.

    This guy is amazing, and the music he makes is just beautiful. He is an Israeli jazz guitarist who has two albums out right now. Give him a listen if you're looking for something new. I would compare him, from who I know out there, to Kreisberg, Lage Lund, Rosenwinkel, and John Abercrombie.

    Here is a link to his song "Someone to Watch Over Me"

    and if you go here Gilad Hekselman - Jazz Guitarist and click on "listen", launch the track of New York Angels. Proceed to be pleasantly surprised.

    I'm not his publicity agent or anything, I just like finding out about jazz guitarists I've never heard of...and I figured you guys would be the same. Tell me what you think!
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