Future RG7321 Overhall, help?

Discussion in 'Sevenstring Guitars' started by pirateparty, Sep 4, 2009.

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    So whenever I can afford new pickups I am going to completely overhall my RG7321.:shred:

    This will include:

    -Stripping the finish on the body/headstock
    -Staining the body/headstock
    -D Sonic in the bridge and PAF or Air Nortin in the neck
    -Locking tuners
    -Graphtech nut/saddles
    -3 way pickup selector instead of 5

    I've taken some beater guitars apart and switched a pickup before, will this be enough for me to try all of this on my main guitar if I'm super careful?:scratch: I have a general idea of how to do all of this but I could use some advice from the more experienced members of SS.

    Oh, and there will definitely be before/after pics.
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    Pickup replacement shouldn't be complicated, however when I was modding my old 7321 I realized that base plate of my new pick up is slightly different and screws weren't aligning with old holes, so I had to fill old holes with epoxy and drill new ones

    Also I replaced the nut with graphtech nut (I believe on their website it was described as Carvin 7 nut)- it was wider than the original so I had to sand it down a bit. Also string spacign is slightly different from the original, but not significantly. And obviously you will have to do some action adjustments on the nut.

    With lockign tuners there might be only one problem - you won't be able to fit heavy strings in some of the locking tuners. I had to drill a larger hole to fit 0.68, but again that was nothing major or complicated.

    Stripping the finish will be the most complicated part - time consuming and somewhat painful (but that depends on your tools and aproach)

    If i had a beat up 7321 right now, I'd do the same mods

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