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    Jul 17, 2017

    I'm the creator and main developer of #fretflip.

    #fretflip is an online graphical tool to view and edit scales and chords for guitar, and with todays release you can also use it to read and write guitar tutorials.

    One of the reasons I made this tool is because I could not find any proper explanation of how the 7-modes worked, and when I finally had it figured out I had a hard time explaining it to others, so now I finally have a half decent explanation at: https://www.fretflip.com/#02the-7-modes

    #fretflip runs on any device with a web-browser and created charts and tutorials are easily stored and shared in social media on the Internet. #fretflip is free to use and the goal is to have a community driven content creation. Visited content is anonymously tracked for trend analysis, later the most visited and trending content will automatically be posted and searchable at www.fretflip.com.

    This project started out as a toy project for learning and testing various techniques and concepts in software development, there are still a lot of stuff I want to try out but also improve so any feedback is very welcome!

    Please go ahead and try it out! I'll be more than happy if you use it to explain something for someone, and also if you like help me improve the existing presets :)


    Thank you!
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    This looks GREAT so far! Very useful! Thank You!

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