Fortin 33 Meshuggah signature pedal

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by HeHasTheJazzHands, Jul 31, 2017.

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    5153 is a pretty tight amp as it is, given how extreme the 33 is, I think I'd only use it with looser, bassier amps like rectos.
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    Mike said he made it explicitly to tighten up darker looser amps like rectos .
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    One of the reasons I left forums a couple years ago was because of rampant misinformation and the ensuing pile on from forum members. It totally bums me out no matter what the piece of gear is or whether I like that particular piece of gear or not. What fascinates me is that this anti-factual tirade is usually born of some hyper emotional response as if the product inflicted some sort of damage on the person. I'll never understand it.

    I am not going to try and get anyone to like anything. If it helps you achieve your tone then awesome, if not , no worries, try something else. What I will most definitely do is provide factual information and demonstrations of products that will hopefully help the viewer make up his own mind. That is my one and only goal with the demos I make.

    That being said, I urge you to watch the videos I made of the 33 and see if you think the claims made in this thread are true or not. I used a Recto and an 800. Two totally different amps. The vids are out there and both are in this thread.

    Have fun and don't get dragged down by negativity. Guitar and music is supposed to be fun. It sure as hell is for me.
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    If this is inspired by the TC Preamp as said before, then listen to Meshuggah's DEI and Chaosphere. If it makes a Recto sound that bright and cutting, then I'd imagine an already insanely tight amp like a 5153 would be nothing but treble. :ugh:

    The Grind and 33 seem like they fuck a fuckton of low end, while the PD can be tweaked to either cut or boost the low end and low mids. The PD is meant to work for a slew of sounds, while the 33 is meant to get you a Meshuggah/style chuggachugga with flubby/not-so-tight amps like a Recto, OG 5150, or a cranked JCM.
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    Aug 10, 2017
    If you guys want to build your own 33-alike Pedal, just take a TubeScreamer, take out the clipping Diodes in the Feedback-Loop of the first Op-Amp-half (Gain-Section), and replace the 1k-Resistor in the Feedback-loop of the second op-amp-half (Tone Control) with a 2k resistor. or go for 3.3k, if you want to have more low highs pronounced.

    What do theese simple mods do?
    2k will boost Frequencies ~1.4kHz, 3.3k will rather go towards 2kHz.
    And by taking out the Clipping-Diodes you get a huge clean gain boost, way more than anyone could need, and way more than the 33 provides.

    Using such a modified TS in my rig currently, and it really brightens up my 8-string plugged in a 6605mh.
    Try it out!!! you could even use switches so you can change between modded/unmodded settings.
    Have fun!
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