Extended range greetings from Asturias (Spain)! :)

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    Hi, everybody!

    My name is Aitor G, but I'm also known as Mike Stamper.

    I am registered here since 2012, but never posted until now. I always had great respect for this community and it was a pending task to show up and introduce myself.

    I'm a 6-7-8 string guitar player, metal songwriter and producer from Asturias (Spain). I've also done several guitar gear testing videos (especially pickup comparisons) that you can find on my YouTube channel among my music, playthroughs, covers and other stuff (i'll give you some links later in this post).

    In the last 11 years I took part on many bands from the local scene of Asturias, but now I'm mainly focused on my solo project Mike Stamper, which is an instrumental multi-influenced solo project. I released my first full album "Ended By Error" on 2016, and now, I'm working on the next release before 2018. You can find my music here: http://mikestamper.bandcamp.com

    Thank you for letting me be a part of this community and hope to active and contribute the best I can, :)

    L I N K S
    YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/user/mikestamper
    Facebook page: http://facebook.com/stampcoria
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/mikestamperofficial
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