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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Surfmonkey77, May 4, 2017.

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    Hey guys, I have lurked around this site every now and again and finally thought I should join. I have been a long time member over on The Fretboard, but having ventured deeper into the world of extended range guitars I thought I should make my presence known here!
    Unfortunately I am 39 years of age, but play in a prog metal band that touches on Djent. We are called Farway and are in the process of tracking a new ep.

    Grew up a huge Metallica fan, lover of all things metal. Although heavy is great, I like a bit of light and shade to my music, so TesseracT really hit the mark for me.

    Also love great guitar players like the machine Jason Richardson (Just how does he do it?), Aaron Marshal, Plini and all the Periphery boys etc...

    Pretty much always been a user of Mesa amps and PRS guitars since the 90's, switched over to Music Man JP models and have a JP15-7 on order as I type.
    Swapped out tube amps for Kemper last year but felt a bit limited, so ended up going the route of Axe FX (I initially didn't want to as it seemed like a fashion/genre thing) and now I get the tones I want and need without the hassle. I am sure I will go back to tubes at some point, but this rig is working for me now.
    I have various guitars both 6 and 7 string and have recently jumped into the world of 8 strings by the way of a Kiesel Vader V8. It is an awesome guitar, crazy good build quality, but I may just stick with 7 strings so be prepared to see that one up for sale any day now! (Already is on Gumtree and Fretboard...)

    Looking forward to getting/sharing info, trading gear, finding new music and getting to know you all.

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    Welcome to the forum

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