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    I recently got an ESP LTD M-17 for my first 7 string because it's extremely cheap at $200 U.S and it's made by LTD which are great guitars.

    The specs are
    A light Basswood body
    A bolt on Maple neck with a Rosewood fretboard with a reversed headstock
    22 XJ Frets
    a 350mm radius fingerboard, the standard for ESP LTD
    Chrome Hardware, LTD tuners, TOM bridge, Vol/Ton/3 way configuration.
    And a 25 1/2 inch scale.

    The guitar is extremely playable. The neck is great, it's wide because it's a sevenstring and with the XJ frets some people with small hands may have some trouble getting big stretches, but for me and my small hands. I've had very little trouble stretching from 10-15 on the high E. The neck is somewhere in between an Ibanez and Schecter in thickness, it's right in the middle and seems to have the right amount of meat to it so you have something to hold onto but is still thin enough for shredding. The neck is bolt on and with that, fret access isn't too great, but ESP made a tiny little cutout of the hell to help with it, but it doesn't help a whole lot. Rosewood fret board, everyone has played on them so I shouldn't have to say anything about that. The fret work was surprisingly great, no sharp edges or anything. I would give it a 4/5 on playability due to the fret access.

    The pickups are LTD designed passives. they're a little muddy, Ok, a lot muddy, especially on the low E and B strings. Good for Rock and some Metal music, the do clean up real nice when you roll back the volume though, which is great. Not much else to say about them, I will definitely be switching them out for some Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient probably. I'd give it a 3/5 on sound.

    The matte black finish is nice and smooth, no defects with a matching headstock. Looks really, really great. And the reversed headstock, at least for me, makes it even better. 5/5 on looks.

    I've already said most of the downsides with the pickups and poor fret access, but another is that the neck dives to where it's parallel to the ground when your playing standing up. I like to have to neck pointed more upwards when I play, so it makes it tiresome to try and hold the neck up while playing some more aggressive metal.

    It's 200 U.S dollars.
    Plays great.
    looks great.
    Did I mention 200 U.S dollars?

    For a first seven string, or just as a backup (maybe even preferred stage guitar), it's great. You cannot beat the price anywhere, and everyone should know that ESP LTD is a reliable company. With some slight modification (pickups, maybe make the cutaway deeper for fret access), it would be the perfect guitar IMHO. It's really light so it won't tire you shoulder out and it practically plays itself.
    I give it a 9/10 overall, not a 10/10 for the slight downsides.
    It's great, I highly, highly recommend checking this guitar out

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