ESP LTD EC407 BLKS Eclipse 7-string

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    So after a long 4 month wait to get this bad boy, the wait is over and I couldn't be happier with it. Here's my review of what I think to be the Les Paul 7-string I've always wanted...


    • Set-Neck Construction
    • 25.5" Scale
    • Mahogany Body
    • Maple Top
    • Maple Neck
    • Rosewood Fingerboard
    • 48mm Standard Nut
    • Thin U Neck Contour
    • 24 XJ Frets
    • Black Satin Hardware
    • Grover Tuners (*- see below...)
    • TOM Bridge
    • EMG 81-7 (B) / 707 (N) Active p.u.
    • 3-Way Toggle
    • Bridge Volume
    • Neck Volume
    • Master Tone
    • Finish: BLKS (Black Satin)
    Price paid: $748.15 w/ tax from Guitar Center - Special Ordered

    I'm sure a lot of you are probably wondering about the neck on this thing... It has the same feel and contour of all the other ESP 7-strings. A very happy medium between the Ibanez and the Schecter. In fact I find it to be a little bit thinner than my M107's and the H207, and very close to the SC207 I have. Very comfortable and very easy to play.

    The body is the nice thin typical ESP Eclipse body style. It's not ultra thick like a normal Les Paul, and it doesn't weigh a ton either. It's rather light which is surprising, being a mahogany body and maple top.

    The black satin hardware is kinda cool too. It's different than the normal black, and a hell of a lot better than the black chrome. It almost looks like it's frosted or it's been sitting outside in the cold for a few hours. But after some playing it and normal wear and tear we'll see how well the coating used to give it the satin look holds up... Either it'll go gloss like the finish after a while, like I've seen satin black guitars do from prolonged use.

    The frets and fret ends were filed nicely, the rosewood fingerboard has a nice color and grain to it. The flag inlays and the LTD logo on the haead are done in MOP and really stick out against the black stain finish which is cool. The satin black with the multi-ply binding on the body and headstock are along the same lines as the Gibson Les Paul's, but the black hardware, EMG's and the 7th string just make this thing unlike anything else. Tuners stay in tune well and everything seems to be the usual ESP/LTD standard - top notch for the money. Was kinda surprised to see that the 400 series is no longer Indonesian but now Chinese instead, but I still don't care about that. The guitar speaks for itself and is far more superior than any picture will ever be or do it.

    So far the ONLY con I have found with it is the EMG 81-7. I've tried these pickups in an older M307 neck-thru that I had and found them to be muddy. In this guitar when I tried it at Guitar Center (tried it thru a Line 6 Spider MkII Valve 212, Dino's Rhythm w/ EQ tweak'd, presence about 7.5...), it seems kinda lifeless and flat tone-wise - hence the 4 I initially gave it. Definitely not going to stay in the guitar for long. I'll try it thru my set-up at home and see if I have any better luck, but I'm not holding my breath on it. I think it'd be much better suited with a 707 in the bridge - perhaps a 707 set or maybe a 707/60-7 set. Will be trying different variations in it in the next week or two, so check back for updates in the tone department. I have yet to actually run this thru my stuff at home and really see - been doing LOTS of OT at work and don't really have as much time as I'd like to play...

    The satin black hardware is cool, but may wind up needing replacement due to finish wear, amount of use, oil/acid content in skin/hands, ect... But then again, it wouldn't be too bad to just swap it out for normal black hardware either...

    The tuners are NOT the Grover tuners as specified on the website and anywhere else specs are posted. They are the normal ESP tuners found on the LTD models. Not an issue as I find them to hold tuning fine and with no issue. But was one of those things was looking for and found wasn't on it. Not really a big deal, miniscule really.

    The only other issue I found was in the binding in a few spots. It's got the semi-aged white (very slight yellow-ish hue) on it. But in a few spots, it's pure white. Not noticable unless you really get on top of it and look for it. Another miniscule issue in terms of the rest of the guitar, playabilty and all else.

    It does have a little bit of a neck dive, but not bad. The weight of the guitar is light enough to be able to control with your right hand to keep it in place. It's not a bad neck dive like say some V's, Dean's or others. I'm sure it'd be much worse if it had heavy tuners like the Grovers.

    By far, the pros exceedingly outweigh the cons, hands down.

    Final thoughts: :yesway::yesway:
    Like I mentioned, I an thrilled to finally have an LP7 like this - what I've always wanted in and from an LP7. With the very few and very minor issues mentioned, it's well worth the money and well worth waiting for if you're looking at one of these. Like any guitar, pickups and stuff can be changed and it be an even better axe. I know some would have preferred passives, but for what it is, I can't argue that fact that this thing is ultimately bad-ass.

    Like also mentioned, the stability, durability and playabilty are top-notch for the money. And as here all know and can attest to, the LTD stuff is well worth the money and is unlike anything else out there. Yet another rock solid and awesome guitar added to the line-up, and an awesome piece to add to any arsenal, line-up or collection. I've yet to be disappointed with an ESP/LTD, and this one is another testament to what we have all come to know and expect from ESP.

    Again, well worth the wait and well worth getting one. Yet another awesome ESP in my collection and yet another tone monster in the making!!! Keep an eye out either here or in my NGD post for this for updates in the tone department as I'll be swapping a few different pickup combos in it to see which sounds better.

    Thanks and hope you all enjoy as much as I do!!!

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    :yesway::metal: Thanks... This will give me something to look forward to and consider. :wavey:
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    Nice to see you finally got it!
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    how is the balance on this?
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    I picked one of these up too and was not impressed . It has the potential to be a very nice guitar but certain things are in the way. The frets are not level on mine. So that means I get fret buzz like crazy and am going to have to get that fixed mine also had esp tuners which made me mad . It doesn't matter its not a deal breaker but it still isn't right .

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