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    Here is the link to the pictures if they don't work:
    Pictures by MeisterPengu - Photobucket

    - EMG pickups: EMG 81 in the back, EMG 85 in the neck
    - Floyd Rose tremolo
    - Thin U neck contour
    - Quilted maple top
    - 25.5" Scale
    - Mahogany Body
    - Maple Neck
    - Rosewood Fingerboard
    - 24 XJ Frets

    Okay so after a while of searching for my first decent guitar, I finally went in to buy it at my local music store. But when I saw this one hanging above the previous guitar I set out to buy, oh my god, it was the sexiest things I had ever seen. So I took it down and started to play, fuck it wasn't too heavy, the neck felt amazing and thin, and the action was superb. The head-stock of this guitar i LOVE. So after me going home to rethink if i should buy this and finding out the specs of this sexy beast, I decided to return to the music store after a week and buy it.

    #1 Quality
    - Now, this being an LTD not an ESP, it's hasn't got the finest finishes but they aren't terrible. There is one little thing that annoys me on this guitar, the back of the body, it just looks like they have done a half assed job where the neck joins the body (it's a set thru neck). As for the abalone I honestly don't see what the big deal is, I mean i would rather it not there, but hey, it still looks amazing :lol: But other than that it looks amazing. The colour on the front of the guitar is beautiful.


    #2 Sound
    - Alright so spending the money that I did on this guitar I was expecting some big things from it. It is pretty good, the emg's are pretty decent for stock pups. But there is one thing that I have relised after becoming more aware of the guitar's sound, is that it gets muddier and muddier when you tune lower and lower. So if you plan to go down to drop G#/Ab, trust me, just get yourself a seven string :lol:
    The emg's are only muddy on the distortion though, when they are on clean, they are ten times better. I don't see why people are whining about Emg's being shit at cleans, a bit of mucking around with the amp settings and that's it. Also when you do cleans turning the volume nob down makes A LOT of difference.

    EMG 81 (in the bridge) is fairly decent for rhythm and even leads. It is very crunchy, but very mid ranged and muddy.

    EMG 85 ( in the neck) is pretty sweet for leads, especially sweeping. It, as well as the 81, is very mid ranged.


    #3 Play-ability
    - AMAZING, so smooth, love the thin neck, and the action is superb.


    #4 Overall
    - Overall this baby is amazing, but if you have enough money I would go one step up to the ESP Horizon's. I cannot get over how amazing this guitar looks. You can get some prettyyyy sweet tones from this baby as well, if you spend enough time with your amp.The floyd rose I'm not a big fan of but hey, they are pretty nifty.
    I am giving this guitar a 9/10. If you are hesitating to buy this guitar, trust me they are worth it. In my opinion they are the best 6 string LTD has to offer, and high in the ranks compared to the ESP's.

    Thanks dudes :wavey:

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