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    This is an ESP Ltd deluxe M1000 :

    It's a 2007 model, with :

    Scale : 25.5"
    Neck : 3p Maple neck through ( Now it's a Set-Thru neck )
    Fingerboard : Rosewood
    Neck contour : Extra thin U
    Frets : 24
    Inlays : Abalone arrows
    Binding : White and abalone binding on Neck and Headstock
    Body : Alder with flamed maple top
    Nut : Locking
    Bridge : Floyd rose Orignal ( now they had Floyd 1000 series )
    Hardware : Black ( now it's black nickel )
    Tuners : Grover
    Pickups : Two EMG 81
    Finsih : See thru black
    Made in Corea

    Now some pics :


    Review :

    Sound : I'm playing through a Peavey Valveking 212, and I've tuned my guitar in Drop Bb, and on lead channel, the EMG 81 ( bridge ) do his job ! The saturation is very High, but no larsen or buzz, very clean...

    Distortion : - On EMG 81 bridge, the sound is very dry and sharp, I love that for my rythmics ! And, wow incredible sustain..
    - On EMG 81 neck, the sound is a little more warm, but not enough for me, but it keeps great for solos, licks and sweep..

    Clean : - On EMG 81 bridge, humm.. very very sharp, I don't like this, but it's personal, I'm only playing with neck pickup on clean channel.
    - On EMG 81 neck, the sound is too much trenchant for a neck pickup I think, an EMG 85 or 60 should be better.. But it's allready great for jazz rythmics etc...

    Playability : This guitar is a very comfortable guitar... The neck thru allow some licks in the 22-24 frets ver easily, and the extra thin U contour.. MIAM ! The neck is a true highway for my fingers, I just love it !
    It's an alder body so when I'm stand up, the guitar isn't to heavy.

    Price : I live in France, she cost 1300€, but my local dealer, have negociated it for me at 1020€, and new !

    If you hesitate to buy her, I suggest to you TO DO IT, it's a really great guitar.. But try to find a used, 'cause the new models are a little less definitly.

    You can ear her here :
    ( It's me playing my song and me playing a Keith Merrow's ( diabolic5150 her ) song )
    YouTube - New song
    YouTube - Titan - Keith Merrow Intro cover

    This the end !
    Sorry for my english, I'm french so I've many difficulties...

    Bye all :hbang:
  2. Saber_777

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    Dec 9, 2010
    Seen teh 7 string release of this beauty?
  3. Metallica35

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    Dec 6, 2009
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    I have the same exact model as you (except mine came with EMG-81/85. It's a phenomenal guitar. I swapped out the EMG-85 for a 60, but that's because of my personal dislike of the 85. Luckily, since EMG uses quik-connect technology, swapping out pickups is a breeze even if you have no clue what you're doing (definitely a plus of this guitar, and any EMG-equipped instrument).

    I completely agree about the playability. The guitar is well balanced, and is an easy guitar for anyone to play. My friend tried it out the other day (he's a blues player who is all about Fender strats), and after 10 minutes with the guitar he looks up at me and just says one word, "Wow". I feel like that is a pretty perfect description of this guitar.

    The only complaint I have is the same complaint I have with almost EVERY guitar I have ever played. I get a little bit of ringing from my amp. This is probably due to the fact that I am a metal guitarist who plays a Mesa Triple Rectifier. Simple fix I found for this: Take a little piece of felt and put it under the strings about the locking nut. It helps dampen the harmonics created by that portion of the strings, and it dramatically reduces the ringing noise that I was getting. But like I said, this has nothing to do with this particular guitar. I have pieces of felt on all my guitars :)

    Overall, the LTD M-1000 I'd say is one of the best production 6 strings I have ever played!
  4. feraledge

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    Feb 28, 2010
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    I had this guitar, neck thru/original Floyd, and loved it. I can't believe they dropped the neck thru option!
    I definitely agree that the 81 neck is a no go on this model. I'd say that it would probably not work on an alder/maple guitar at all, but I had an ESP M-II bolt on that was alder/maple and the 81 sounded way better in the neck. Still not my first choice for a neck PUP ever, but sounded better.
  5. Kharem

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    Aug 27, 2012
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    I had the white version for almost 2 years, and to me it felt outrageously average, I did enjoy it and it did almost everything I needed it to, but as soon as I started comparing it to some ibanez's at a similar price I sold it. I think this mostly came down to taste though, I change tuning far too often and hardly used the wammy so the floyd became more of a hindrance than an asset, I personally like an arched top rather than the flat and I'm a passive kind of guy so the 81's just felt really dry, but you can always change them. I will say the m1000 is quite a beautiful guitar though, I like the look of it much more than the ibanez's I've owned so far.
    If you like the esp necks and flat tops, it is a great guitar with some excellent features for a pretty low price, but I would weigh up some other options and try it out (and probably some others) before buying.

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