Energy Drinks: I'm addicted (srsly)

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    I want to chime in on this.

    In high school, I had an addiction with energy drinks. Not a big one, but it wasn't uncommon for me to go to the candy shop in between lectures and grab a Rockstar, the purple fruity one. It was my lifesaver on long days, and my reward on short.
    Nowadays, since I moved from home and started college, I'm sticking to Monster Rehabs (lemonade), and even then, it's only once in a while (twice a month), since they cost 4$ a pop for me and are unhealthy as fok. Okay, rehabs are less awful, but still.
    Since then, I've also lost 10 pounds and my grades are rising. I'm able to be more focused in the labs and while practicing.

    Where I'm trying to go with this anecdote is: I've never felt better since I dropped the energy drinks! A pint of caffeinated sugar might be delicious, but it's taking up 25% of daily recommended calories and the buzz doesn't last long. Haven't kicked caffeine altogether, as I love my morning latte, but definitely doing better.
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