EMG 707-X

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Benzesp, Feb 14, 2012.

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    EMG 707-X
    Amp tested with : 1995 Triple Recto
    This was install a couple months ago in my Green RG. I scored one in White which I thought was cool looking. So lets get down to the review.

    This is basically 707 with less output than and maybe a bit less compressed sounding. Naturally I have to adjust this a bit higher to get the output I want. This also changes the feel of the pickup, I found myself picking a lot harder (un-boosted).

    Clean (bridge):
    Sounds really good and open, has a lot of midrange. You can really hear the compression difference, the string volumes are not near as even as on the old 707. Very passive like. Since my guitar has only a bridge pup I'll only make comments on that position.

    Crunch/Rhythm/Lead (un-boosted)
    I put these all into one category because I use the same tone for this kind of sound. You can feel the difference in output here. You have to pick harder during palm muting, legato runs are a little less easy (less compression), you almost want to run the gain higher on the amp.
    I then adjusted the height of the pickup higher than what I'm used to and that seems to help out the output issue. Still the pickup feels less "squishy" than a regular 707. Also running the pickup volume down cleans up the amp quite nicely.

    Crunch/Rhythm/Lead/DJENTZ (boosted)
    When boosted you get the "Squish" back and the stiffness goes away because of all of the input overdrive. And thus you make your more dynamic 707-X a highly compressed active pickup. Any dynamics you've gained, are now negated.

    I find really no difference tonally with the 707 and 707-X. You really are just going to feel the difference, so yes, these feel a lot like mid output Passive pickups un-boosted.

    My Opinion:
    I Like the 707-X, but I like the 707 as well (maybe more). Boosted makes the difference in output and dynamic feeling negligible.

    Are they worth the extra $$?

    If you want a passive feeling 707 then yes:yesway:.

    If you want a totally different Tonal experience compared to a 707 then no.

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    Feb 5, 2012
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    They need to make this in a passive sized 7 string pickup. I like the sound, but I can't switch it between several of my guitars without new routing

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