EMG 60-7 as a bridge pickup?

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by purpledc, Mar 12, 2012.

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    I did a search on google for this with little to no results. I know a lot of guys like this pickup as a neck option but what about in the bridge? Ive found that the 707 in the bridge is too muddy for my tastes and the 81-7 to be more of my liking but the 60 has me intrigued but I cant find any clips on it. And does anyone know if they ever used the old style logo on that particular pickup. Im thinking I may want to swap my 707 for one of these but my 81-7 is the older style logo.
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    I've been experimenting with teh 60-7 in the bridge and it has a different feel than the 81-7 and 707.

    The 707 is a "wet" soundign pickup - nice and thick with lots of mids from that alnico magnet (obviously more from the preamp). The 81-7 is a "drier" sounding pickup - bright with a lot of cut and not a lot of mids. The 60-7 is a great pickup for cleans (it was designed for this) and then with gain it's like a mid heavier 81-7. Similar attack and presence as the 81-7 but more mids and maybe less highs. It's more classic sounding - like rock and rock versus metal but it can definitely work.

    These are just my experiences with the pickups as of recently in my Jackson 7s.

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