Electric Sound Products M-II Bolt On Malple Neck

Discussion in 'Guitar Reviews' started by DaemonSvek, May 3, 2008.

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    May 3, 2008
    This is another ESP M-II, this one a bolt on with a maple neck. it's amazing!!!!...but nowhere near as nice as my M-II UC. It has an alder body like the UC, but seymour duncans instead of EMG's, which is the only reason i marked it lower. it sounds less metal than the M-II UC and other M-II's. This is still an excellent f***'n guitar!!!! The tremelo is amazing, it too comes with an Original Floyd Rose, black hardware, gotoh tuners i believe, i'd have to go check. ESP really does stand above all competitors when it comes to quality, which is why their price tag is high for the standard and custom series. you get what you pay for, but the surprising thing is, even the LTD series guitars are substiantially better than the competitors entry/low/midrange guitars!!!! EMG pickups in a $400-500 dollar guitar is a steal IMO. sure some other companies have it, but an LTD will last longer.

    ESP's rock and roll, it's that simple.
    Heil, now go f***'n buy on
    take it easy guys, but not too easy
    stay grim, and stay f***'n metal! :hbang:
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    Feb 28, 2010
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    I had an older version of this guitar with dual EMG 81s and it was one of the most brutal sounding guitars I'd ever played. Sold me on bolt ons and ironically on Jacksons since the neck profile was in line with their speed neck shape.
    Great guitar!

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