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    Hey folks, its been quite a while since ive posted on here, just been super busy with life these last few years. Now that Im at a point in my life where i can start gettings toys and customizing toys, Ive been swarming with questions. Mainly because what i want to know hasnt really been answered et so ill try to ask my questions as precisely as possible.

    after playing every neck, and trem units that Ibanez has to offer, Ive found that the one that feels the absolute best to me is an Edge LoPro (this is not debateable with me, ive put in the work to form my opinion). So as Im begining to "build" my custom guitar, I was wondering if i could save some time before diving head first in to things... so here goes.

    So Ive narrowed my tonewoods down to exactly what i need, mahogany or mahog w/maple top combined with a PRS Tremonti Treble bridge pup. I bought a Ibanez RG2770Z, and shes an amazing guitar. But she has one flaw, the Edge Zero trem. At first I liked them but after playing them for a while consistently, Ive found that i really prefer the feel of the Edge LoPro instead.

    Let me go ahead and say this now, AT NO POINT DO I NEED MY TREMOLOS TO FUNCTION LIKE A NORMAL TREM. I always fix every trem i ever play, so when I say im swapping out trems, Im not doing it with the intent of using the trem for dives and pulls. so heres my question. Ive seen it done on Jemsite where a guy replaced his Edge Zero on his Prestige RG with an original Edge trem, so would I in turn be able to install a LoPro Edge instead of my Edge Zero? I DO already understand that i would need to remove the posts, fill the holes with something and then re drill holes for the post spacing on the lopro, since its post spacing is 5mm different. But would that be it for me if im not worried about using the trem traditionally? Basically, once the posts holes are drilled and i can drop the Edge Lopro in, the plan is to string it up to give me some tension, then place a block of wood in the body between the trem block and the bodyso that the tension from the strings when tuned will exert enough pressure to keep the block in place.

    Does anyone see any issues with this plan? Remove all Edge Zero hardware, fill holes in, measure and redrill holes, drop in studs, drop in trem, use block to hold trem in place? I would really prefer to only have to pay $400 for the trem and do the work myself, then to have to try and find a Prestige RG with a mahogany body and an Edge LoPro to swap my neck out with. Ive finally got the tone ive always wanted (its actually a little too bright, next guitar will be mahogany only) which is mahogany/maple with the PRS Tremonti Treble bridge pickup, Ive got the neck that i love the feel of , with the offset dot inlays.

    My other idea was to try this: Buy an Ibanez RG6UCS, then find a Mahogany body with an Edge LoPro route to buy and swap out the basswood body with. I also want to try to get an Ibanez RGD2120, and see if I can send it to Ernie at ET guitars to have him create a replica of the body in Mahogany.

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