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    Hi guys,

    Thought I would share this Easy Minor turnaround Jazz Backing Track with you all!

    Just use good old A minor pentatonic OR look below for more sexy scale options! Starts at 0:35.

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    The progression is basically a variation of the minor key turnaround (2-5-1) and it will prepare you for playing a minor blues progression like this one:


    Chord progression:

    II: Am I Am I F7 I E7alt II

    I Am I Am/G I F7 I E7alt :II

    On the track, you will hear extensions of these chords - as is common in jazz of course :)

    Scale suggestions:

    A minor pentatonic scale - A C D E G (A)

    A minor blues scale - A C D D# E G (A)

    A minor scale - A B C D E F G (A)

    F7 chords =

    Lydian b7 - F G A B C D Eb (F)

    F lydian b7 is basically the 4th mode of the C melodic minor scale, so you could think C melodic minor scale instead if that helps you...

    C melodic minor scale - C D Eb F G A B (C)

    E7 chords =

    E phrygian dominant - E F G# A B C D (E)

    E phrygian dominant is basically the 5th mode of the A harmonic minor scale, so you could also think A harmonic minor.. only ONE note is different from the A minor scale!! (G becomes G#)

    A harmonic minor scale - A B C D E F G# (A) - E

    For more info, tips and phrygian dominant exercises check out Matt Warnock's great guitar lesson here on the topic HERE:

    How to Play the Phrygian Dominant Scale for Guitar | MATT WARNOCK GUITAR


    Try out some more advanced colours on the E7 by treating it as an altered chord and using phrygian dominant - aka the altered scale:

    E altered scale - E F G Ab Bb C D (E)

    The E altered scale is the 7th mode (starting on the 7th step of )the F melodic minor scale, so in other words - the notes of E altered scale are the same as those of F melodic minor scale :)

    F melodic minor scale - F G Ab Bb C D E (F)


    Am7 = A C E G

    F7 = F A C Eb

    E7 = E G# B D


    Here are some 2-5-1 practice jam tracks you might find useful:


    And more Jazz Backing Tracks:


    HAPPY JAMMING!! :shred:

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