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    So I spent all morning drumming in a small room with my entire Mapex Saturn IV kit…which is a normal thing, right? Yeah…except when you have a new product to test and try. In this case, the new HD plugs by Earpeace.

    Let me start with this, I have a set of 10 dollar ear plugs from Walmart that have been through tons of hours of practice and rehearsals, but when I go to play with a track, I have to turn up very loud in my Sennheiser HD202 headphones and take the plugs out to even make things sound clear enough to even play to. So when I am done, my ears are still ringing and I cannot even really hear my kit at times. When I play with just the plugs in, everything is super boomy and bassy. So basically…the cheap plugs work but…my rhythms and grooves lack clarity. So when I go to practice with them, not everything is as clear and sometimes the rate of improvement is not as high as it should be. So I have been looking to upgrade for a while.

    Last week, I noticed an ad for the Earpeace Company in my Facebook feed….yes, my Facebook feed. I did some research and went to their site, and they really promote using them in a live setting such as a concert. The thing that I thought was cool was that the HD plugs come with different filters, one for medium protection and another for high protection. I immediately thought that would be cool potentially for my drumming. The second thing I noticed is that these do not have that filter protruding out of it. I thought this was neat because I could potentially wear my headphones with these on and then not have to turn the volume up so high.

    Here is how I reviewed them:
    I started playing with my normal plugs, well…boomy, unclear drums. When I go to play my double bass patterns, it just sounds like a solid note even when I am not playing fast.
    Next, I took those out and warmed up with some actually tracks, ala my headphones. I had to turn it up so loud that after a bit I stopped because my ears could not handle it anymore.
    After about 30 minutes of playing, I said…ok enough. I opened my package and COMPLETELY forgot that the Earpeace HD plugs came with a case. I chose the silver one and tan plugs.

    They are surprisingly soft to the touch and ear canal. Most plugs are overly hard or push on your canal, and wearing them can be unpleasant. They were amazingly flexible and replacing the filters was much easier than I thought. I had the new high protection filters in within 5-7 seconds. The light aluminum case is a little tight for the plugs, because it comes with 6 filters and 3 ear plugs. Even though it is small, it is amazing and holds everything well. It even has a keychain on it so I can attach it to my stick bag or backpack if I choose to.

    Ease of Use:
    Like I said, these were soft and light. The thing with these plugs is that they are so small; you must insert them with the tab facing a certain way in order for them to be easy to pull out. I am ok with this, because they are meant to be discreet. Also, I could wear these with my headphones, and not have to blow out my ear drums. This is DEFINITELY a major plus.

    I actually messaged the company a few minutes after I ordered them, and asked them how these would be for drums. They were speedy and nice. Their reply was:
    “Hey Gary, The EarPeace HD's are perfect for drummers, the filter sets offer great protection for shows and rehearsals and you'll still be able to hear everything really clearly. You won’t lose your hi-hat in the mix! Let us know how you get on.”

    Actual Use:
    The first thing I noticed was that my voice was not muffled or muddy. I slowly hit everything on my drum kit from the hi hats to the toms, bass, and snare. Everything was still clear and retained that shimmering excellence. My drums still had the punch, yet it was all really well defined. It was like my kit had a volume slider and someone just turned it down slightly where it did not distort anything. I was actually surprised of the actual clarity. Where I tend to play a lot of progressive metal stuff, I need to hear my feet to make sure my rhythms are in time and lining up. With the Earpeace HD plugs, I could clearly hear everything and it definitely improved my playing within the few hours I had them in.

    I then put my headphones on to play with a track; I could turn the volume down and still be clear between the music and my kit. I could actually hear more of my kit which is a major plus for my rehearsals.

    So they promote these for nightlife and concerts…

    I think they should start promoting these for rehearsing as well. I was actually blown away by these. For the price and speedy shipping, they are unbeatable. I teach marching band as well, and I know these will help with keep hearing and volume levels safe.

    I will keep these in my drum bag and in my rehearsal space. I have used cheap plugs and the expensive custom ones alike. For the money…there is no contest for me with the Earpeace HD Plugs. As a musician and educator, I will highly recommend them to others and my students. I will definitely be using these for a long time and will potentially get some more just to take to concerts.

    Thanks for a great product Earpeace!

    - Gary


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