Duncan JB-7 / 59' combo

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    Feb 27, 2011
    These are installed on an Ibby RG1527 J.Craft Prestige.
    I apologize for the short review, but these impressions will change so drastically if you swap guitars or rigs, i don't see a point in much more than that.

    JB is very, very bright. Very, very musical pup, and the brightness makes it percussive. For me, it sounds very full, and handles the low B absolutely brilliantly.
    It is a Duncan, though - it's very organic, raw sounding and feeling compared to Dimarzios or EMGs.
    I love Parallel and split on this one - i was toying around with AAL's Song Of Solomon at the time - in series, the sound is similar, but slightly less percussive and far more musical. Split, it sounds less compressed and both positions are far, far more dynamic.
    I put it as low as it can go on the guitar, and it's a very, very versatile pup.

    The 59' is a little too bassy, sometimes. The magic is in tweaking the midrange - but it also means not all setups are going to like it.
    I think i might have dug some Dimarzios better up there - their neck pups tend to be far, far brighter than SD ones, but nothing can rival the acoustic quality this pup has -
    playing with full on, raging gain still gives you a hollow, acoustic string pluck like a good PRS does.

    Some samples:
    The same progression, on each position (No processing and no settings were changed in between clips):
    Inner coils
    Bridge + Neck
    Neck front coil
    Fingerstyle on neck
    (pardon my lameness. my right hand is still having difficulties adjusting to a seventh string).

    And, 'cause you really can't get a post in this forum by if you don't djent a little:agreed::
    (This is done with a Blackstar HT-Dual, and yes, i know the bass drum is too loud. It's partially the Soundcloud transcoding, and partially because i suck)

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