Drums, Bass, Vocals - Death Metal (Summit, NJ)

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    Looking to form a technical/progressive type death metal band near and around the area of Summit, NJ. Drummers must be able to play blast beats, polyrhythms, odd time signatures, and have a fast double kick technique.

    Bassists: Looking for someone who has 5 to 6 strings on their bass and is very creative with their baselines. NO FOLLOWING EVERYTHING THE GUITAR DOES! I feel that in this kind of music, the bass needs to come through and shine.

    Vocals: Low to mid to high range vocals would be needed. No death core toned vocals please, this is death metal.

    In general, everyone must have a decent setup to make rehearsals and shows possible. This is more of a band that will rehearse maybe up to 3 times a month and will play shows every once in awhile. While I am only 16 years old, I am open to people in the age range of 16-19, but above that is okay if you're a cool dude. This is no uptight band, so it'll be pretty chill.

    Influences: Arsis, The Black Dahlia Murder, Death, Decapitated, Decrepit Birth, The Faceless, Fallujah, Gorod, Necrophagist, Obscura, Origin, Severed Savior.

    You can email me for inquires at julianblue@comcast.net

    Thank you,
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Julian :hbang:

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