Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive

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    **I will be going by the Ultimate-Guitar format simply because..well I like their format of reviews.

    Price paid: $40
    Purchased from: Gear 1 Music
    Ease of Use: As long as you understand it’s purpose, this pedal is just as easy as any other Digitech stomp box. The knobs are level, low, high, and gain. The Bad Monkey is very versatile, yet also easy to get cool sounds out of it. Take note that this is an Overdrive pedal. Not a distortion pedal. Don’t expect to get some brutal gain out of the pedal alone. This is used to add some grit to your cleans, or add an extra boost to an amp that can already be overdriven. // 10
    Sound: This is pretty much a cheap version of an Ibanez Tube Screamer, only it’s a more smooth sounding Overdrive. Though it is only a $40, it is great at what it is supposed to do. Using the pedal alone, you can go from the Stevie Ray Vaughan sounds, to Jimi Hendrix, to Led Zeppelin if tweaked right. Like other Overdrive pedals, it also can act as a boost to an amp that already has gain, to make your tone thicker, put more character into your notes, etc. The thing that I love about this pedal is that it also will maintain your guitar’s tone. Bluesy leads, shrieking leads, whatever you want. Though this is a great quality pedal especially for the money, It is recommended that the reader should try out several Overdrive pedals, because it’s all a matter of personal preference whether or not one likes the Bad Monkey or the Tube Screamer better. I’ve tried several other overdrives which are more expensive, such as the boss overdrives and I still would pick this one any day. It's got a great smooth tone, and a very convincing tube tone, if you happen to have a solid state amp! // 19

    Reliability & Durability: I’ve had absolutely no technical problems whatsoever with this pedal, though just like any other stomp box, it will suck down battery juice pretty quickly. Also, it’s made out of hard metal casing. I’ve dropped this pedal and have drug it around, yet the pedal still has yet to have any dings in it. // 10

    Impression: There is really not much else to say that hasn’t been said already. It’s nice smooth Overdrive for a great price of $40, it’s reliable, durable, and will serve those who understand the purpose of an Overdrive pedal nicely. Got an amp that has built in Overdrive, but it’s just not enough? Try this pedal out for a good boost. Oh and it’s also a cool metallic green color! [​IMG] This is definitely the best $40 I have ever spent. It's the most important pedal in my rig right now // 10
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    I have one, and with my 6505 it rocks so hard

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