Dean Vendetta VNXM 7 String

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    Myke here, reviewing my first ever 7 string! So let's get right down to business...


    24 fret, 25.5" Scale (I think)
    Bolt-on Maple Neck w/ Rosewood fretboard
    Dean Stock Pickups
    Tune-o-matic bridge, Diecast tuners
    Black hardware
    1 tone, 1 volume, 3-way switch


    X-Features-X \\4//

    This guitar has pretty much standard features for a $200 guitar. 25.5" scale, stock pickups, bolt-on maple neck; standard stuff. Nothing too impressive, nothing too disappointing either.

    The neck is pretty thin, and actually plays very, very well. It holds tune decently, although I find my lowest string going flat frequently. Only a minor issue really, though.

    X-Sound-X \\3//

    Okay, here's where we get a little negative. These pickups and I have a love-hate relationship. Some days, I'm really digging the sound I'm getting, and the other days I play for about 5 minutes and put it down because I just can't stand them. I play this guitar through a Peavey Vypyr 30, which I've had for a while and already tweaked to get maximum brutality out of.

    Upon receiving this guitar in the mail, I knew right from the get-go not to get too excited about these pickups, but after I plugged it in I was more disappointed than I prepared myself for. The sound was just utterly awful, almost as bad as the Jonas Brothers.

    After a couple days of tweaking, I found a tone that gets me that crunchy, Tech Death/Deathcore sound I love...some days. I'd compare the good days to the tone Veil of Maya has on their [id] album.

    X-Action, Fit and Finish-X \\3//

    This 7 string has a plain, glossy black finish which is actually transparent on the back. It sort of eludes me why the trans-black finish doesn't spread across the whole guitar. It still looks good, however.

    When I got this guitar, the strings were unbearably twangy, which I guess added to the horrible sound I got on day one. This was easily fixed by humidifying it, though. It was also far out of tune, as expected. I currently have it tuned in Drop A, which is higher than my 6 string is tuned (Drop G#) oddly. Only a half step, but still odd.

    X-Reliability-X \\2//

    This guitar only gets such a low score in this area due to a minor, yet excessively annoying problem it had. The strap buttons fell off after about two days because the screws didn't hold then down very well. I put new, bigger screws in them, but still I'm thinking what the flying fuck? Is Dean retarded? And then I remember why DBZ Guitars exists...

    X-Overall-X \\3//

    I would recommend this guitar if you want something you can modify, or if are looking to start playing 7 strings. It's a decent guitar and you get what you pay for, but beware the awful pickups. They're almost moody.

    I plan on switching the bridge pickup out for a Seymour Duncan Invader; I like the neck pickup in clean, and since I'm using the bridge pickup 97% of the time, I figure it can stay.


    Thanks for reading! My first review and my first 7 string; I feel like a virgin again.

    Just for reference, I play this guitar in Drop A and play Technical Death/Deathcore, which means minor thirds, sweeps, chugs, fast riffs and nifty solos. Oh, and breakdowns.
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    Stock strap buttons always suck. Get some Dunlop strap locks and thank me later :D
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    That guitar is sick... i got one yesterday, it is used but the guy who sold it to me changed the bridge pickup for a emg hz for seven strings and it sounds so great, the pickup is the one that the Schecter Damien 7 has.. I'm from Ecuador and here the guitars are very expensie but i got it for 224 hahaah
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    Sweet review man. I've had one of these for awhile, and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's strap buttons fell out haha
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    Would this be a good guitar for me if I'm just starting out on 7 strings?

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