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    EDIT: Can't upload a picture for some reason.

    In a sentence: An average seven, for a good price.

    First let me tell you how I acquired this axe. I ordered the VNXM seven string off Musicians Friend for $200, curiously wondering why this guitar wasn't on the Dean website. Skip to 3 days later and my new guitar has arrived. I promptly opened up the box and took out the black beauty... Wait black?

    I though Musicians Friend shown it as a grayish color? And why does the headstock say Vendetta instead of Dean's signature? Wait a minute, this is the 1.7!

    At first I thought it was (and might still be) a mistake. But it added up. Why else would the VNXM not be on the Dean website? They quit making it! So boo-yah pocketed $50.

    On to the actual review now...

    Headstock and the Body are black with a gloss(?) finish I believe
    The Neck is Rosewood, so it looks like Rosewood(!)
    Hardware is all black.
    Inlays are a pearly white, as in they are white and it looks like white flakes are in there giving them that pearl look.
    Headstock has VENDETTA giving upwards in the middle, right above the truss rod cover. Above the Vendetta is DEAN with wings on both sides.
    (The VNXM has DEAN signatured where VENDETTA is, no VNXM 7 has vendetta on it AFAIK. Although some 1.7's have DEAN sig'd on them.)

    Really fucking light
    Pretty stock, 2 humbuckers (bridge, neck) 3 way selector ( B, B+N, N) Master Volume and Tone knobs. Die Cast tuners (18:1)
    Basswood body ("Solid Wood Body" on the Dean Website)
    25.5 Inch scale, kind wish I got a 27"
    Bolt-on Rosewood fretboard (C-neck I believe.)
    24 Frets, I believe they are medium or jumbo, definitely not extra jumbo though. They are smooth when sliding which is a plus.
    String thru Body (UGGGHH)
    Tune-O-Matic bridge (I'm used to Ibby's double-locking Tremolo bridges, but it didn't take long to adjust.)
    The best feature though, would have to be the D'addario strings, which I think these are the super lite's (9-54) They do OK tuned down a half-step (Bb, A#, mother fucking Meshuggah 7-string tuning) Hoping to get regular lite's (10-59)

    The neck isn't the greatest since I'm used to Ibby's necks but it still gets the job done right, feels slick and alive too. Definitely good cutaway for upper fret access but the upper fret sound sounds.. thin or something, I blame the pickups.

    Here's where most people start bitching about the humbuckers. With my setup...With MY setup...they sound pretty decent, save the fuzz. I got a Digi-Tech Legend (might be a Legend 3) with a Kustom Double barrel 2x12 30 Watt (each speaker can handle 20 watts though. I dunno) and it sounds deep and/or Djenty as hell. I'm sure the sound is 70% setup and 30% guitar to me though. For a rough comparison, with my setup the sound is pretty much a kickass mix between New Millennium Cyanide Christ and Future Breed Machine, both by Meshuggah.
    That was just the bridge pickup, I honestly don't really bother with neck pickups at all for some reason.

    Action, Fit & Finish
    Here's where I was disappointed. My neck is bolted on kinda at a bad angle. Picture this, looking at your guitars neck where it joins the body, it's pretty straight right? Now imagine I bent your whole neck backwards, making it look like the neck is rising when it joins the body. This causes some serious fret-buzz, and on top of that, the truss rod is WAY too fucking tight (e.g. turned to the right too much, making it bow INWARD)
    However when I adjusted the truss rod 2 SOON TO BE 3 COMPLETE TURNS fret buzz is/will be non existent.
    As far as finish goes, it's pretty good, few smudges and scoffs you can barley see but hey, $250 is a pretty damn good price.
    Definitely isn't the best by far though.

    I've had this thing for about a month and it hasn't crapped-out yet so it's good. Only thing I'm worried about is a loose washer tightener thing that keeps the input jack from moving.
    Everything seems to be solid so far.

    Customer Support
    Thanks for saving me 50 bucks.

    I gave this guitar a 3/5 mainly for the price-to-quality ratio. Might even deserve a 3.5 out of 5 if it wasn't for my neck.

    A 7 string for dirt cheap pricing
    Makes a nice project guitar
    Can help you decide if you like seven strings without breaking the bank
    D mother fucking Addario

    Pickups can sound fuzzy (and just cheap)
    Thin upper fret sound
    Really light, could be bad. Bad as in cheap wood (or not even wood at all, sounds crazy but I've seen it happen.)
    Neck is fucked (could just be mine)
    Truss rod really needed to be adjusted (again, could just be mine)

    Well that's it, despite those negatives I still very much enjoy playing my first (and only) seven, I have played sevens before and for this one the price is right.

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