Darren Hippner 8 string classical

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    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Here's something that doesn't pop up everyday. This guitar was originally commisioned by Andrew Schulman in 2008 who is a prominent 8 string player out of New York. This is a players guitar as it has some light nail marks and string dings in and around the bridge from playing (there's a ding on the back too). It also has some finish haze from where he used a leg cushion with suction cups on the bottom bout. You have to have the sun reflecting correctly on the guitar to see it or any of the nail marks. I've tried to show this as best as possible in the pictures. This guitar new would run 4k+ and be about a year wait. It plays great with low action and no buzzing. The sound is big, warm, and deep. The low strings really move some air and add a huge depth of sound. Comes with a fitted softshell case. Feel free to ask any questions.
    Modifications (if any): none
    Accessories (hardshell case etc): softshell case
    Location (City,State or City,Country): Nashville, TN
    International OK? : no
    Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM on here
    References (eBay or other forum userid): on here
    Price (include currency and if firm/obo): $1900 shipped/pp'd to the states


    Full specs:

    1) String length - 652mm, as per Gilbert system - edge of nut to mid-
    12th fret: 326mm. From mid-12th to front of saddle at first string,
    compensated approximately.5mm-.7mm, and saddle is angled back
    .5mm to the bass side.
    2) Fret placement - Gilbert system.
    3) Fretboard width at the nut - 66mm.
    4) Fretboard width at the 12th fret - 76mm
    5) Depth: Bottom Bout - approximately 100mm
    Depth: Upper Bout - approximately 100mm
    6) Bottom lower bout width - 368-370mm
    7) String spacing at the nut -
    Center-center, 1-6th - 43mm
    Center-center, 6-7th - 7.5mm
    Center-center, 7-8th - 7mm
    8) String spacing at the saddle -
    Center-center, 1-6th - 55mm
    Center-center, 6-7th - 9.5mm
    Center-center, 7-8th - 9mm
    Saddle width - 2.5mm
    9) Saddle standing straight up (not slanted backward).
    10) Bridge wood high enough along saddle length so right
    amount of saddle shows over edge. (not too much or too little
    along length of saddle, especially at 7th and 8th strings).
    11) Saddle material: Wooly Mammoth Ivory
    12) Nut width - 4.5mm
    Preferred nut material: Cow Bone
    13) Lip at nut - 5mm from 1st string to edge
    14) Neck thickness'
    3rd fret - 19.8mm
    9th fret - 21mm
    (Neck shaped with slightly less mass on treble side portion and a
    more rounded portion from center junction of neck on bass side).
    15) Traditional non-elevated fretboard.
    16) Tung oil for back of neck.
    17) Radius in fretboard - about 24", minimal radius but not flat.
    18) String holes in bridge - 2 hole type for 1-6, 1 hole type for 7 & 8.
    19) Action -
    1st string/12th fret: 3mm
    6th string/12th fret: 4mm
    7th & 8th strings/12th fret 4.8-5mm (the saddle has to be one
    19) Carved (beveled) side slots on the head where the
    strings meet the rollers and a square (Hauser) style ramp to facilitate
    the angle of nut to roller string stretch so none come in contact with
    one another which may hamper the tone and cause rattling while
    20) Gilbert's. Tuning gears very smooth at each post.
    21) Frets - Dunlop 6150 (a little wider and lower than the 6105),
    please make as smooth as possible and make sure there is no
    sharpness especially at treble side edges).
    22) K&K undersaddle pickup
    23) Single soundport, alla FritzMueller

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