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Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by Killadelphia, Feb 24, 2015.

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    Hello everyone! I am pretty new to recording and producing audio. I've been creating some cool demos for my band and they're sounding pretty awesome. So now i want to create an intro song that my band could use as the intro to our set during live performances. Its kind of hard to explain exactly what i want, but the best example i can put out there is the song "Mute" by sworn in. I want to create something like that that'll build up the anticipation at our live performances.

    What are some good plug-ins/MIDI instruments that are available online that i can use to create something like this. I mean just cool weird/ambient sounds with some piano and low lingering bass. I wanna try to keep everything free as well since I just spent all my money on monitors and an interface! Thank you!
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    Let's see...

    ScapesWizard by HG Fortune works wonders. Chimera by Majken is perfect for creepy sh-t. I've been trying Atonoise (By HG-Fortune again), seems to give off a creepy vibe if you use it right. All of these are free by the way :)

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