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    I haven't done many reviews on here but i felt compelled to review this cheap little pedal after picking it up for the second time. I purchased this from Musicians Friend new for $14.99. It came with a canvas type carrying bag - nice touch for this price range.

    Someone gave me this pedal in a trade a couple years back. I always thought it was a perfectly OK chorus, but knowing it was the lowest of low end, i got rid of it and tried out some other choruses....Boss Super Chorus, VooDoo Labs Mind Bender (useless), Delta Labs Stereo Chorus. I had dislikes with each of those, and decided to come back to this. The minute i plugged it in, i remembered why.

    This chorus pedal just works, and works well. There is no signal clipping - even with high output humbuckers, no tone-sucking, and no level problems with this pedal. The chorus effect level can be dialed in with the mix knob, which works great. This pedal is PERFECT for those wanting a subtle chorus effect that could be perhaps left on all the time. You can dial it in just right, and it leaves your tone intact and out front - just with some chorus added. Sounds great through distortion as well as cleans. The plastic is plenty sturdy too - not like some other low end pedals that feel like they'll shatter under force. No reason to think this thing won't last. I've had two, no issues with either. Regardless of price, as of right now this is my favorite chorus pedal.

    However, i do have a few gripes. The footswitch is too small, making a direct hit a necessity to turn on and off. The input/output jacks are on the rear of the pedal - why buck the standard on this? It can be handy for some pedal schemes, but more often just causes layout issues. Also, this thing looks a bit silly. Yes, im more concerned about tone, but i take pride in my pedal board, and this pedal doesn't help in the looks department.

    Again, this is just a good chorus pedal with no issues to speak of in the sound dept. While you can set this to over-the-top chorus, it truly shines when used for a subtle chorus effect - the best i've found for that purpose. If you have tried a few chorus pedals and are not satisfied, try this little guy out. At $15 new, there's not much to lose.


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