Damask Metal bridge humbucker demo

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    Hello everyone!

    I am honored to be given the opportunity by the brothers at 'Wood Shop Pickups' by D&D Research to try out their Damask Metal bridge humbucker. It is a 44awg wind, using a ceramic 8 magnet, and wound to 17.2k. It is designed with the metal/hard rock player in mind. The pickup is designed and made in the USA.

    They are a Reverb seller at https://reverb.com/shop/darryls-gear-garage-21

    For this demo, I used the following:
    A Squier M-80 modified with the following:
    Bridge controls - Bourns pots, volume 500k, tone no-load 500k
    Neck controls - Bourns pots, volume and tone 500k
    The Damask Metal bridge humbucker was installed in the bridge position
    Ernie Ball Regular Slinky string set

    During the recording of this track, only the bridge pickup was used to fully showcase it. The tone pot was on no-load setting so that the viewers can listen to the pickup wide open through the 500k volume pot without being altered by the tone circuit.

    I used the Boss GT-1 as my effects processor and an interface to my DAW. On the metal driven track parts, the left channel is using the Bogner Uberschall amp simulation. The right channel is the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier amp simulation. The clean track is using a natural clean preamp simulation with some compressors, delays, and reverb for an ambient effect.

    My thoughts areā€¦

    For my dirty driven tone, I actually use minimal gain. However, I find this high output humbucker drive really well with gnarly distortion that is well suited for the metal or hard rock player but still articulate enough to define the notes or chords being played. Although my setting bypasses the tone circuit, I noticed that it gives nice mids but not shrilly. It also gives nice chunky palm muted chugs that is not boomy that would be also excellent for gallops. The ceramic 8 magnets excites the strings catching a wide range of more tones or frequencies making it more lively. Using the tone pot will give you a variety of tonal options for driven or clean sounds from warm tones to devastating distortions.

    I hope you enjoyed my video demo and short amateur review!

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