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Discussion in 'Music Theory, Lessons & Techniques' started by BornToLooze, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Ok this is probably pointless to ask on this forum, since pretty much everyone is into metal but...

    I got a bunch of my old tapes from over at my dad's so I've been on a country kick lately and was wondering if anybody knew lessons or anything for some country lead stuff. Only thing is I can't do any kind of chicken pickin stuff because I have nerve damage in my right hand and can't really use my ring or pinky finger.
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    im not a country fan by any stretch of the imagination, but like you, being in tx you hear it all the time. nearly every shop ive worked since i got out of high school had it and or classic rock playing on the radio.

    at first i hated it but, after a while, like in all music you can appreciate some aspects of it. the simplicity of it being one. the majority of the singing style which showcases an "extreme county drawl" turns me off. i tend to like the older stuff as opposed to todays "crossover pop".

    one band that stood out was "blackhawk". their material was well written and they have several chart toppers...check them out. i think the reason they sounded better to me is because they were originally a rock band to begin with.

    i have their "greatest hits" is the only country album i own unless you count "the eagles" or "john denver" county...some do, i dont.
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    Feb 21, 2010
    Hey Man I have been transcribing some of Todd Duane´s solo stuff and he is incredible, he combines Country with Shred. Check out he´s first album on Shrapnel Records
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    Someone has posted Danny Gatton's REH video to YouTube. There's quite a bit of chicken picking in it but you can watch and pick up what the music is, which uses it. One thing I would advise is to work out where the notes of open strings match up with fretted notes so you can leave the open equivalent ringing. That doesn't just apply to the 5th fret of the string below, but includes E on the G string and being able to teach much higher notes when the E doesn't fit the music.

    Hope that helps some. :)

    EDIT: Just discovered this
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    Telecaster player here! I am also a long time contributor over at the Telecaster forum under the same name (ArtDecade).

    Listen to a lot of Brent Mason and Brad Paisely for modern country licks. They aren't always my cup of tea, but man can they play.

    If you are more of a Bakersfield kinda guy, you need to wrap your head around Roy Nichols. This is THE guy that created classic country licks. He played the majority of his career with Merle Haggard. Just listen to the lines in "The Bottle Let Me Down". That is country music! As far as instructional videos go, I would check out Terry Downs and his Roy Nichols method. Its a great DVD and Terry is a consummate instructor.

    My favorite player is Redd Volkaert. He plays a mean telecaster, but with all kinds of style and finesse. I would say that he is more of a country western / swing than a modern Nashville radio player. He made his own instructional video a few years back and it is killer. The first half is some licks, but the second half is all concert footage. Also, Redd replaced Roy in the Merle's band so you know that he is well up to snuff.

    Redd barely edges out my other favorite player - Vince Gill. Just listen to a Gill album for a complete musical education. The guy is a triple threat. He plays, sings, and writes all of his albums.

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