Controlling MIDI/Audio Drums Live

Discussion in 'Live Performance & Stage Sound' started by Moe110, Jun 22, 2016.

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    I asked this in a different section and im happy for these to be merged here (as the previous thread didnt get much traction)

    How do you any of you guys set up midi drums for live? Im talking the entire set up. Give me in detail what you use to start/stop your audio or midi drums, what products you use, what works for you, what doesn't or hasn't. We have need to have total control (where possible) without actually being at the laptop.

    Im running Logic Pro X with a macbook Pro 13" (2013 model) and using EZ drummer with plenty of add on packs etc. For having the options aswell we will have the audio drums recorded in the studio and the midi options available to us (just depends on the venue and sound)

    SO in short what i want to do is be able to start, stop and maybe go back to markers using a pedal...Is this possible?
    Any help you guys could give will be much appreciated. :metal:

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