Chilled-out Bossa Nova Jazz Blues play-along

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    Hi guys

    Here's a bossa nova jazz blues backing track I've been enjoying recently.. so I thought I'd share it here. It's inspired by people like Joao Gilberto, Stan Getz and Antonio Carlos Jobim :yesway:

    Chord progression:

    II: Gm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I
    I Cm9 I Cm9 I Gm7 I Gm7 I
    I Eb9 I D7#9 (Ab13) I Gm7 I Am7b5 D7#9 :II

    Scale suggestions:

    G minor pentatonic scale - G Bb C D F (G)

    G minor blues scale - G Bb C C# D F (G)

    G minor scale - G A Bb C D Eb F (G)

    Eb7 chords :

    Eb Lydian Dominant - Eb F G A Bb C Db (Eb)

    D7 chords:

    G harmonic minor scale - G A Bb C D Eb F (G)


    Treat it as an altered chord and use the altered scale:

    D altered scale - D Eb F Gb Ab Bb C (D)

    The altered scale is the mode which starts on the 7th step of the melodic minor scale, so in other words - the notes of D altered scale are the same as those of Eb melodic minor scale :)


    Gm7 - G Bb D F

    Cm7 - C Eb G Bb

    Eb7 - Eb G Bb Db

    D7 - D F# A C

    Am7b5 - A C Eb G

    Here's a minor 2-5-1 lick you can try out

    Here are some minor 2-5-1 jam tracks

    And here are more 2-5-1 jam tracks (both major and minor) you might find useful as well

    Happy jamming :shred:

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