Cepheus Active Pickups (seven string)

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    I recently obtained a pair of these monsters. I've been wanting actives ever since I traded my Ibanez RG7321 with blackouts a bout back. So one fateful day i was reading through some NGDs and saw Bboren replaced these bad boys with some DiMarzios. I asked him about them and talked about buying them. Few days later they showed up at my door. I installed them immediately. Funny story is that i installed the neck pickup to the bridge selector and the bridge to the neck selector :lol: :nuts: doesn't affect anything. Getting a new 3 way switch soon.

    So back on track. The sound of these are monstrous. The bottom end is tight! Every little note is picked up perfectly. Chords are well defined with gain. Pinch harmonics are beastly. I tried everything from chuggy chug to some sweeping to some tapping and all that jazz. Perfection. Distorts very well. And very very quiet. Now the cleans. The cleans are really nice. Really clear and full. Especially on the neck pickup. You can get some really nice jazzy tones out of them. I honestly prefer the cleans with these pickups over any pickup I've tried. If you wanna know anything else about them feel free to PM me.

    All in all i still prefer Blackouts over EMGs and Cepheus. And Cepheus over EMGs (i must be crazy? :nuts: ) Breeze to install. If you're on a budget and want actives and see a pair of these GO FOR IT. You just may not regret it.

    Everything stated is my opinion. Some may not like the sound over EMGs. At the time I tested them everyone in the room were blown away. Just a great budget active pickup.

    Installed in my Douglas Hadron 727

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