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    The short version is I'm going to pick up my new Epiphone Les Paul 7 on Friday. When I asked the guy about a case last week he claimed "He didn't know what to tell me because the guy they bought it from didn't have a case for it." This is utter horse shit because [as you will see in my soon to be made NGD thread] the finish is absolutely flawless and unless the guy never ever used it, there was something protecting that fucking thing before I bought it. :rant:

    My question to you is two fold: A) Where is the best place to not get raped on a price for a sturdy hardshell case and B) If anyone knows anything specifically about Epi LPs, maybe you could tell me if the fitted cases have enough room to accommodate the unnatural width of the neck on the LP7.

    Thanks :wavey:

    P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I have no idea where else it would go.

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